10 Distinct Things You Probably Think Are the Same

Know the differences

You probably think you're a genius to some extent, but you would be embarrassed by how much you don't know. More embarrassing is knowing the opposite of a matter while not realizing your ignorance.

A lot of people confuse things together. Some know there are differences, but can't exactly say. Some others do not even realize the differences. 

So, have a good read.


1. The United Kingdom and Great Britain.

Great Britain refers to the countries of England, Scotland, and Wales. The United Kingdom on the other hand includes England, Scotland, Wales, and then Northern Ireland.

Note that Northern Ireland is distinct from the Republic of Ireland, which is another country on its own.


2. Cement and Concrete

Except you're a mason or an engineer, there is a great chance you do not know the exact difference between these two.

Cement is largely gotten from limestone and exists as fine powders before use. When mixed with water, it becomes a binder, an adhesive used in building constructions.

What about Concrete?

Concrete contains sand, crushed stones, water, and then cement. Yes, the cement is only a part of concrete. Unsurprisingly, concrete is stronger and more durable than cement. 


3. Tablets and Capsules.

Now even those in the medical line get this missed up sometimes.

First, tablets and Capsules are both types of pills, even though some may argue that only one of the two can be called a pill.

Be that as it may, there is a clear distinction between capsules and tablets.

Capsules come in small cylinders made of dissolvable gelatin. Inside the contains are the medications, which may be in powdered or jelly form. After taking, the casing dissolves, and the medication is assimilated into the body.

Tablets however are powdered medications that are compressed to form a compact mass, rather than stored in casings. While most capsules come in different colors, tablets are usually of a single color.


4. Weather and Climate

Geography students sure know the difference between these two. How about the rest of us?

Weather is the atmospheric conditions of a place over a short period of time. The weather can be sunny or rainy as the case may be.

The climate, on the other hand, has a broader scope. In a way, we can say that climate is the average weather condition of a place over a long time, which is usually 30 years. 

So, weather can change in a day, but the climate is for a much longer period of time.


5. Cupcakes and muffins.

You may think you know this already, but I bet you've got it the other way round.

Muffins are like sweetened bread and buns served in little round containers. Muffins are, though delicious, are without icing on the top.

Then there are cupcakes. Cupcakes contain icing on the top and are generally more sugary than muffins. Even though some expert caterers say that the real difference is in their method of preparation, the icing-on-top is undoubtedly a distinguishing factor.


6. Butterfly and Moths

Both are arthropods with large wings attached to both sides of their abdomen.

But here are the differences.

Butterflies have much more colorful wings and are active during the day. 

Moths have darker and less conspicuous wings, as they are active at night. Additionally, moths layout their wings horizontally while resting, while butterflies raise theirs vertically as they rest.


7. Crocodiles and alligators

Vicious reptiles, no doubt these two are.

But there are differences. 

Crocs are generally bigger and longer than gators. Additionally, crocodiles are not as dark-colored as alligators are. 

Then there's the difference in the shape of their snouts. 

While crocodiles have V-shaped snouts, gators are with U-shaped snouts 

Also, crocs are far more aggressive than alligators, even though gators have the speed advantage.


8. Frogs and toads 

We have spoken of animals that look are alike but are nonetheless different, so we might as well look into frogs and toads. 

You would spot easily by those big bulging eyes of theirs, even though toads are generally bigger. Also, frogs and slender but more powerful legs that they use often, while toads have shorter legs that are rarely stretched.

Lastly, frogs and smooth, moist, and slimy skin, while toads possess rougher, thicker, and dry skins.


9. Mass and weight

A physics student would tell you the difference right away.

Mass refers to the quantity of matter contained in a body. Weight, on the other hand, is a product of force and acceleration due to gravity, which is approximately 10m/s² for the earth.

However, outside the scope of physics, these two terms are used interchangeably by most. 


10 Graveyards and cemeteries.

You bury the dead in both does not necessarily make them the same. Graveyards are attached to a church, or at least adjacent to a church. In Old England, people were buried in these graveyards near the church. As more people died, there arose a need to acquire new land for burial, and there comes the cemetery. So, graveyards are attached to churches, while cemeteries are not.


This brings us to the end of the list. I hope you had a good read, and of course, gained one or two things from this.