4 Facts That Prove St Barnabas Might Be The First Prophet Of Islam

Barnabas was an Apostle of Jesus, but his book endoses Islam. It mean he's the first prophet of Islam

4 Facts That Prove St Barnabas Might Be The First Prophet Of Islam

I stumbled on a book today and after reading, I marveled at what I discovered. The book is titled The Gospel of St Barnabas. It is not among the books of the Bible, though. But this may be for a reason best known to the body who compiled the Bible. But it is no doubt an interesting piece all who love knowledge should study.

However, the question that is lurking somewhere in my mind is, how sure are we that the said book was written by the Apostle. Be it as it may, I will be exposing four facts I discovered from the book that showed St. Barnabas might be the first prophet of Islam, and not Prophet Mohammed as we all know.

1. Which Sons Of Abraham Did God Commanded Him To Sacrifice?

While the Bible recorded that God commanded Abraham to sacrifice Issac to Him, The Quran recorded Ishmael. And the gospel of Barnabas as well tally with the Quran. Now, if the Barnabas and Quran are saying the same thing, the question is, which one came first.

According to Wikipedia, St Barnabas died in 61 CE. What this simply means is that he became one of the Apostles after the death of Christ and lived for another 28 years before he died. While the Quran, according to the same Wikipedia, was written by Prophet Muhammed PBH, between the years 610 and 632CE.

Likewise, what it saying, in essence, is that the writing of the Qur'an started about 549 years after the death of Barnabas and was completed 22 years after. Yet, the epistle of St Barnabas is saying the same thing with the Qur'an. I don't know if you are following this logic.

2. Gospel Of Barnabas Called Jesus A Prophet First, Instead Of The Son Of God Barnabas 1:2

The Gospel of St Barnabas called Jesus a prophet, just like the Quran does. Again, if he who lived over 500 years ago referred to Jesus Christ as a prophet like Muslims do, Instead of the son of God like it is written in the Bible. What is that telling us?

Yes, if what I'm thinking is anything to go by, he might have started it, either through the revelation or whatever. It may have started during his time with the Apostles. But because the calling wasn't clear to him or he was being influenced by the Christian friends and brothers around. You still recall that he parted way with St Paul at a given time. Who knows the exact reason for their conflict.

3. The Promise Was Made In Ishmael Instead In Isaac Barnabas 43:1, 43: 4-5

The Quran insists that the promise God made to Abraham was in Ishmael, and not in Isaac, as the Bible recorded. Surprisingly, the gospel of Barnabas recorded the same, yet Barnabas was an Apostle of Jesus Christ. Is that not telling us something we have never heard? Is that not confirming the earlier submission that Barnabas is the first prophet of Islam.

4. Barnabas Clearly Mentioned Mohammed As The Prophet

In different verses of the Epistle, Saint Barnabas mentioned the name of Mohammed. For instance, Barnabas 41:6 recounted how Adam was driven out of the Garden of Eden, and when he looked back at the gate, he saw the inscription, "Mohammed Is The Servant Of God.

Looking very closely at the similarities between the account of Barnabas and the account of the Qur'an, would you say otherwise. Is it not pointing to the fact that Barnabas was of a different religion. Even though his account of the life and time of Jesus Christ is also similar to the biblical account. It is not wrong, therefore, to say It a book of transition from Christianity to Islam. The whole idea of Islam Sprang fort from the Epistle.

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