5 Nigerian Breakfast Menu Ideas

Here are 5 Nigerian breakfast menu ideas to try out.

Most times, people get tired of thinking about what to eat for breakfast. Some don't even eat breakfast at all, then skip it and wait for lunch. This habit is of course bad and harmful to the health as breakfast is the most important meal to have in a day. Research has shown that eating breakfast helps to lower the chances of being obese. It also boosts one's concentration and memory. It reduces the risk of developing diabetes and it also lowers the level of LDL cholesterol which is the bad cholesterol. The benefits of eating breakfast cannot be overemphasized. It is very important. Stop bothering about what to have for breakfast. This article presents to you 5 Nigerian breakfast menu ideas.


Here are 5 Nigerian Breakfast Menu Ideas:

1. Bread + Protein + Beverage: This is one of the most common breakfast menu ideas in Nigeria. Most people prefer this because it is very easy to prepare especially if they are rushing to go to work. They just get some bread and sip some tea. Taking bread with a protein source and sipping some tea is a good breakfast menu and more like a balanced diet.

Here is some protein source you could eat with your bread:

1. Fried Eggs 

2. Beans 

3. Akara 

4. Moimoi 

5. Boiled fish with vegetables 

6. Fried fish with stew 

7. Sardines 

8. Fried sausage 

9. Boiled egg with vegetables 

Choosing the right beverage is also very important. Go for beverages like tea and coffee. There are different varieties of tea so you could make your choice. I prefer taking lime or lemon tea with some milk because of its nutritional benefits.


2. Akara + Pap: This is a wonderful breakfast menu idea. However, this can only be prepared during the weekends because of the nature of the jobs of Nigerians. Most Nigerians especially those working in places like Lagos have to leave their houses as early as 6 am to beat the morning traffic. Akara and pap is not only a delicious breakfast menu but also a nutritious one. Akara is made from beans which is a rich source of protein and pap is made from corn which has its health benefits. 

Here is a quick way on how to prepare Akara:


1. Beans 

2. Scotch bonnet pepper 

3. Onions 

4. Salt 

5. Groundnut oil


a. The first thing to do is to pick the beans and soak them in hot water for about 10 minutes. This would allow the easy peeling of the skin of the beans. However, you can also use cold water. 

b. After soaking the beans for about 10 minutes. Peel off the skin. The way I do this is by pounding the beans in a mortal, adding some water, and sieving out the skin of the beans. Instead of using a mortar, you can use your hands to rub off the skin. 

c. The next thing to do is to wash the scotch bonnet pepper and the onions.

d. Add the scotch bonnet pepper, onions beans, and some water and blend using a blender. Ensure you add just a little water. 

e. After blending, pour the blended mixture into a bowl and stir using a wooden spatula. Stir for about 10 minutes.

f. Add some salt and stir.

g. Slice some onions into the blended mixture.

h. Place the frying pan on a heat source and add a generous amount of groundnut oil. Frying Akara requires a lot of oil.

I. Scoop some amount of the blended mixture using a serving spoon. Allow to fry for a while and then flip to the other side.

j. When there is a golden brown color on both sides of the Akara, drain the oil and remove the Akara. The Akara is ready to be served.


3. Oats + Fried Plantain +Fried Egg: This combination is very delicious and healthy. This is one of my favorite breakfast menu idea. It's not so hard to prepare. Simply make your oats, fry some plantain and fry some eggs with vegetables. 

Here is how to make oats:

a. Put some clean water in a kettle and bring to boil.

b. Pour some oats into a pot, add a pinch of salt and some sugar. Add some water to dissolve the salt and sugar and mix with the oats using a turning stick.

c. Place the pot on the heat source and add some hot water as you turn with a turning stick. Do not add a lot of hot water so it doesn't become watery. Keep turning the oats until it thickens. Turn off the heat source and serve with milk and a cube of sugar. 

Oats, fried plantain, and fried egg are a good breakfast menu you must try out. Fry your eggs with some veggies like green onion, carrots, green beans, etc. 


4. Custard / Pap + Fried plantain and egg: This is another breakfast menu idea you can try out. Instead of making oats, you could substitute by making pap or custard. Serve your pap or custard with a lot of milk. 


5. Noodles/ Spaghetti garnished with veggies + Boiled egg: This is another wonderful breakfast menu to try out. Simply prepare some noodles and garnish them with veggies like carrot, green pepper, spring onions, etc. If you are not a fan of noodles, you could prepare spaghetti instead. Serve with boiled egg and enjoy!

I'm so sure that after reading this article you would stop bothering about what to have for breakfast as you've been exposed to a lot of delicious breakfast menu ideas. Don't forget to share this post with your friends and family.