5 Places You Shouldn't Stay To Eat

Everyone gets hungry. Everyone eats. But where do you eat? These are five places where you shouldn't stay to eat.

As human beings, one of our regular daily activities is eating food. Eating is important for our body's metabolism, and food aids it to carry out its normal functions.

We eat for a number of reasons, chief among them to quench the hunger within our bodies. Sometimes you might be out in public and you get very hungry, even to the extent of looking around for an eatery where you can get food to eat. It is not wrong to eat.

What might be wrong is where you eat. And the wrongfulness of this is the environment, its effect, as well as the impression you create. Conventionally, the right place to eat is the dining room in your house, or the living room, that is, if you don't have a dining room. At work, you should be seated and on break. The same goes for school, too.   

Therefore, the following are places where you shouldn't stay to eat:

1. Roadside eateries:

While they might seem the cheapest choice, especially on days when you're running late and have no time to cook a proper meal, and not enough money to get into a proper restaurant, it can be very awkward to sit on a roadside bench, eating, with hundreds of people walking by.

You might shrug it off with the thought that no one is really watching, but of course, you don't want to be remembered as the guy who hungrily ate his spaghetti at one particular place, do you?

Apart from this reason, you are more exposed to illness-causing germs. Flies, insects, and whatnots will perch mercilessly on your food. You don't even know how the seller cooked the food, whether he or she followed hygienic procedures or not. This is why you have to be very careful about roadside eateries. If possible, avoid them as much as you can. 

2. Bus-stops:

As public as roadside kiosks, even more public. It doesn't matter if it's just snacks or a full pack of lunch. Food isn't meant to be eaten at bus stops. Get on a bus and get to your destination first. Don't stay there to eat.

Another reason why it's quite unadvisable to eat at bus stops is the litter. Litter is caused by people who have previously eaten there and thrown the food remnants on the ground. In case you didn't know, food is one of the fastest ways germs can be spread. This is why you shouldn't eat in open places. 

3. On a bus:

This is a common sight. The worst is when people then discard their lunch packs on the floor buses or anywhere available, causing litter. It is wrong. It is better to get home, or anywhere else you might be headed to, take an excuse, and eat there. A few hours of hunger doesn't kill, after all.

Eating on the move is also one of the causes of motion sickness, which can be very disturbing when it happens. When you eat on a bus, you also distract other passengers around you. If you then litter, you have also contributed towards spreading food germs. 


4. In your room:

It is even better to eat in your kitchen, where the food is cooked than to eat in your room. The aroma of food can get around pretty fast, especially if your room is quite small. The aroma then lodges itself between the sheets, your books, your clothes, etc. This attracts insects such as roaches, and even rodents, into your room. If the food crumbs fall on your bed, or in areas where you are most likely to not see it, then you have created an avenue for ants in your bedroom. 


5. While a meeting is on:

It might be a work meeting or a service in the church, or worse still, a class. But don't be tempted to eat in gatherings such as these, except there is a break for eating, or you are a child unable to understand why you shouldn't be eating. Otherwise, keep your cool till you're at home.

This shows indiscipline, as well as a lack of care for what the speaker is saying. Even if the speaker doesn't say anything about it, he or she will feel bad, and also get a bad impression of you if they notice. 

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