5 Platforms That Give Nigerians Opportunities To Earn Money Online Writing Articles

Have been searching for where to earn money without having to invest anything, this article is for you.

Before now, earning money is so difficult. But with the internet, all that is a story. The most amazing part of it is that while you need money to earn in some internet businesses, others don't. Luckily, writing is number one of the ways you can earn online spending little or nothing. In this article, we are going to list the websites you can start earning immediately. So, relax and sip a drink.



Reditory is the newest of all the websites that pay writers in Nigeria. With Reditory, you can apply to become one of their creators without having to provide any qualifications. Though, that doesn't mean they don't review applications. They do in order to ensure that only capable writers are giving the opportunity to write and earn on their program.

To register, simply visit their website, reditory.com, and fill in your details which include: Username, email address, Name, and phone number. When you are approved, you will be eligible to create only original content. Note that you will face rejection if you copy other people's work and publish it, very important.

You should also note that they have a very sensitive Artificial Intelligence that dictates inappropriate articles. The device makes it impossible to even submit plagiarized content to the editors for review. So, you don't need to waste your time copying.

If you are wondering how you will be paid, Reditory.com pays directly to your bank account. You are only required to send an email to the payment officer with the following details: Your username, bank account details, the amount you wish to withdraw, and the amount on your dashboard.

On this website, you are paid 500 Naira for a published article of 1000 words. And you are paid any time you wish as far as you have the minimum of 2000 Naira on your dashboard.


Opera News Hub

Opera News Hub is the media arm of opera technology, the owner of the popular Opera web browser. It started operation for years with bloggers, until November 2019 when they started accepting individual writers.

If you want to become a writer on the platform of Opera News Hub, all you need to do is visit their website hub.opera.com/sign up. While there, you will see the 'become a creator' tab. Click on it and it will take you to the registration form.

You will be required to fill the form according to your data and preferences. In the form, you will fill in your name, phone number, country, password, username, which is known as wemedia name in the platform. After that you click enter, it will load and show, application submitted successfully.

This is the review and approval period. It usually lasts for between 24 and 72 hours. You will observe that you can log into your account, but will not be able to create content, but once you are approved, you will see the create a content tab on your dashboard.

Note that you can create content randomly across different categories, but you will be better off focusing on your chosen niche. When you concentrate, you have the tendency of being promoted to juicier packages.

Please note that copy and paste are not allowed on this program. If you plagiarize other creators' work you may face account termination and your earnings forfeited. So, if your intention is to just search for articles on other websites and copy, you can look elsewhere.

In the opera news hub, you are paid per click and other factors which may be difficult to explain. And your earnings are paid into an Opay account which you are required to create with your phone number and linked to your creator account. Payment is expected between 15th and 30th the following month. What this means is that the earnings of the present month will be paid between the 15th to 30th of the following month.


Scooper News

Scooper news is another website where Nigerians can write and earn money. It is as easy as visiting the website, and you don't need to have any special certifications. The only thing you need to become a writer here is writing experience which you will be asked to provide proof. They will ask you on registration to upload a sample of your write-in pdf format.

Note also that you will provide the following data, name, username, email, phone number, etc. In this platform, you are not required to provide your account details at registration. Instead, you will be invited to do that along the line.

As a writer in scooper news, you will be restricted to write in a particular niche. Although, you have the choice to change the category after every 30 days if you wish. But you are advised to stick to one niche for expertise and account quality.

It is worthy, also to note that they pay a minimum of $0.8 per article, depending on your account level. You are to expect your payments between the 15th to 30th of the following month. And your earnings are paid directly into your local bank account.


Light Reader

Light Reader is a platform where a writer can upload their stories and earn from it. They accept fictional stories and non-fiction across different genres. These include but are not limited to true-life stories, science fiction, biographies, etc.

You start by downloading the app on the play store for Android users and the iOS store for iPhone users. After that stage, you will be required to officially register by providing your details. Once you click submit, you can go back and log into your dashboard and start submitting your book, chapter by chapter. Note that each of the chapters should not be less than 500 words and it should not be more than 550 words.

You are required to submit the first 10 chapters of your book for review, though it will be paid for. After the review, you will be sent a contract. This is the time you will be eligible to start uploading your book. You can choose the package you want by simply uploading the number of chapters you can afford daily.

In other words, if you want to be uploading one chapter daily, you will have to maintain it daily until the end of the month. You can't upload one chapter today and upload two tomorrow.

Another important point is that you must upload your chosen number of chapters daily. And you are only allowed to miss four days in a month. Anything more than that, your previous work is null and void.



Blogging is another means by which Nigerians can write and earn money online. In blogging, you can either earn from affiliate marketing, sponsored post, direct ads from companies, and ads networks like Google AdSense or all.

Unlike the other platforms listed above, you are more in control of your content in blogging. While those platforms above have complete rights over any article you upload, you have the total right over articles in your blog. You can even employ writers, and other experts to work with you, and you pay them just as the platforms above pay writers.

As a blogger, you need to have the following basic skills: writing, content editing, Search Engine Optimization. You can also try to acquire programming skills if you have the time because it will help you a great deal.

If this is what you want to do, start by buying a domain and hosting from any of the hundreds of hosting and domain vendors. You can also choose from a variety of CMS that are available, CMS means content management system. These are WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc. You can get free hosting with a blogger which is owned by Google, but the rest, you must pay for hosting to own the blog.

You can start creating your Search Engine Optimized content as soon as you are through with setting up your blog. Please note that you need to learn so many technical parts of this online hustle to be successful. It is not like other platforms where the owners have already done all the jobs for you.



Can you see you don't have to be idle any longer or complain of lack of money? Even if you don't have skill in writing, you can develop it. You can see that nothing is holding you back from earning money, not even a certificate. And you can do all these with your phone, and at the comfort of your home or anywhere.