5 Red Flags To Watch Out For In A Relationship

Here are 5 red flags to watch out for in a relationship

Today, the rate of divorce in the world at large is fast rising. Marriages are crashing and people no longer believe in a long-lasting marriage. People who are already married can't withstand their partners anymore. They find it difficult to cope with them due to some flaws seen in them. Most people act as an angel during courtship and as soon as they get married, they become a devil. But the big question is this. Was the other partner blind during courtship?


It is usually advisable that partners should watch out for some red flags during courtship. These red flags are indications of things that are likely to cause problems over time. Courtship is not just the period to have fun. It's a very crucial period. It's a time for questioning. It's a time to study your partner because marriage is meant to be forever. Courtship is a period of thorough observation. Before you agree to marry a person, you must have studied the person's character very well. You must ensure that you are ready to spend the rest of your life with that person. 

When you are in a relationship, you must constantly study your partner's behavior. Ask yourself some questions. Ask yourself if you are cool with the character of your partner? Is his or her behavior good? What are the negative traits you have noticed? Are these traits going to cause potential harm or danger in the future? 


Like I said earlier, red flags are signs that the person can't have a healthy relationship, and proceeding with that relationship would be emotionally dangerous. Red flags could also mean certain things our partner does that indicate a lack of interest, integrity, or respect for the relationship. In this article, I would be talking about 5 important red flags to watch out for in a relationship. However, there are many red flags to watch out for.



1. Lack of trust: This is an important red flag to watch out for. If you notice that your partner has trust issues, you shouldn't continue with that relationship. Some relationships are filled with trust issues and they don't end up in marriage. However, if you choose to go on with a relationship in which your partner has trust issues, it's likely your marriage will end up in tears. When a relationship lacks trust, it leads to the development of harmful thoughts and actions. It also causes insecurity.


2. Extreme jealousy: if you notice this in your partner, you shouldn't go on with that relationship. Jealousy is very dangerous in a relationship. Jealousy arises as a result of a lack of trust. Over time, jealousy can destroy the feelings and love that once existed. Although, a little bit of jealousy in a relationship is healthy but when it becomes extreme, it becomes a red flag. Do yourself good by quitting any relationship with an extremely jealous partner. 


3. Domineering behaviour: if your partner is the domineering type, you should end that relationship. Any further step would lead to tears. People with domineering behaviour tend to control others and always feel they are right. They don't listen to the opinions of others and they act bossy. If your partner dictates everything you should do, it's a red flag. People with this kind of behaviour always insist on having things their way. They also refuse to accept blame. Watch out for this red flag. 


4. Secretive behaviour: if you notice your partner is secretive, it's a red flag to watch out for. Partners should be transparent to each other rather than being secretive. If your partner is the one that doesn't allow you to have access to things like his mobile phone, it's a red flag. Too much secrecy is unhealthy in relationships. 


5. Bouts of anger: this is a very important red flag to watch out for in relationships. If you notice your partner gets angry easily and can't control his or her anger, you should get out of that relationship before it's too late. If your partner beats you during an argument or when he is angry, run from such a relationship. If your partner smashes things when he is angry, run. 

When you notice any of these red flags in a relationship, end it before it ruins you.