5 Situations Where You Shouldn't Use Your Phone

Some situations where you should ignore the urge to use your phone.

Nowadays, it is difficult to see someone who doesn't have a mobile phone, smartphone, or even an iPhone. The world is a global village presently and technology has taken us to heights we never imagined that we could ever get to. 

With the possession of a phone, there are virtually a million things we can do. We have access to unlimited information, we can research, we can create, communication is more effective, and we can even earn money online. All these by simply having a mobile phone!

This is the major reason why a lot of people get addicted to their mobiles. It is good to use your phone for whatever you want, but you need to be careful with the way you use it. This is because, there are certain places where phones ought to be off-limits, even without anyone telling. 


The following are places where you shouldn't use your phone:


1. While walking on the street:

Just take your mind back to a time when you were taking a stroll and your phone beeped. Did you take it out to see what message had entered, or did you summon the patience to get to your destination before checking?

Can you count how many times you were trying to cross a busy road and someone was still nonchalantly flipping through their phone?

This is the level of addiction people face with their phones nowadays. Even on the street, it is difficult to get one's hands-off. 

However, this is wrong and equally dangerous. A lot of things could happen. A vehicle accident. You bump into someone else or an object, something that could cause an injury or worse, a fatality. One requires discipline in order to avoid using one's phone on the road. 


2. During a meeting:

Think back to students who use their phones while a class is going on. Or congregation who under the pretext of scrolling through app bibles, use their phones while the message emanates from the pulpit. Or during a meeting in which workers use their phones, distracted over the course of the meeting. 

The rationale behind using your phone during a meeting is a distraction. It distracts you and it passes a subtle message that you are not really interested in the message, and would rather be carried away by your phone. It is also disrespectful to the person anchoring the meeting. 

It is not advisable to use your phone during a meeting. 


3. When someone is talking to you:

This is plain outrightly rude, and it only tells the person that you are not interested in what they are saying to you. When someone is talking to you, try as much as possible to pay attention. Maintain eye contact with them and flow along with the conversation. If you're not understanding or flowing along with them, you can ask them to come again, or explain what they've just said, or rather still, politely end the conversation. It's much better than staying while the other person is talking but being absent all the same, all because of the distracting use of your phone. 


4. While it's charging:

Now, a lot of us are guilty of this, and sometimes we admit we can't help it. However, it is quite dangerous for you, the user, and the battery of the phone that is being used. Using your phone while it is charging results in overheating, both the battery and the charging port, which shortens the phone's battery life and even damages the port as well as other areas in the phone. 

Give your phone time as it charges up. Don't be in a haste to use it. 


5. When you're tired:

You see, our phones radiate heat and this radiation can be dangerous to one's health. If you're tired, it's even more likely that it would get worse. You would strain your eyes more, your muscles will be cramped, and your brain won't thank you for stressing it. So when you feel tired, don't overwhelm yourself. Simply drop the phone and give yourself enough rest. 


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