5 Things You Must Not Disclose To Anyone If You Want To Succeed In Life

Here are 5 important pieces of information you must not disclose to anyone if you want to succeed in life

Nobody wants to fail in life. Everyone wants to be successful. Success means fulfilling your dream, plans, and goals. Success is the accomplishment of one's vision. It means fulfilling one's vision of a good life. There are different definitions of success. The meaning of success to someone might not be the same with another person. This is because we all have a different view of what a good life means.  To someone, success might mean making a lot of money. To another person, it might mean having a beautiful career and a beautiful family. 

Nobody wants to be a failure. No single person here on earth wants to fail. Everyone wants to succeed in whatsoever they do. They want to be successful in all spheres of life. 


Although nobody wants to fail, we still have some failures. We still have some people who are so poor. We still have some barren people. We still have people who have unsuccessful marriages. We still have people with children they are not proud of. What then could be the cause? Some people end up as failures due to some of these reasons:

1.  They are lazy. 

2.  They give up easily.

3.  They are not determined.

4.  They lack vision.

5.  They associate with the wrong set of people.

6.  They don’t have the right mindset

7.  They are not persistent.

8.  Lack of self-discipline.

9.  Lack of a well-defined purpose 

It’s no longer news to us that we live in a world filled with evil people. It’s not everyone that smiles at us that truly loves us. It’s not everyone that wishes us well. Hence, we have to be careful of the information we disclose to people if we want to succeed in all ramifications of life. 


3 Things You Must Not Disclose To Anyone If You Want To Succeed In Life

1.  Your Plans: Never disclose your next move to people. Keep it a secret. Have you ever noticed that when you tell people about your plans, it ends up not materializing? Well, if you haven’t noticed it, try and see for yourself. Personally, when I talk to people about my plans, at the end of it all, it doesn’t work out. It’s best to keep your plans a secret. When it materializes, people would see for themselves. For instance, if you plan on starting up a business, don’t go around discussing it with people. Start the business first before you go around broadcasting it.


2.  Your Weakness: There is nobody without a weakness. We all have one weakness or the other. If you want to succeed in life, do not go around telling people about your weakness. The only person you need to tell is your spouse. If you tell people your weakness, they may use it against you and prevent you from succeeding.


3.  Your Progress: Stop talking to people about your progress. Most people see nothing wrong in talking about their progress. They let the whole world know about each step they climb. This is one reason why I detest social media. People come on social media and post pictures of everything that happens to them. When they buy a car, they post. When they build a house, they post. This is not so good as it can attract evil people. Not everyone is indeed happy with your progress.

In summary, if you want to succeed in life learn to keep shut. Never disclose vital information to anyone. Stop talking about your plans, progress, and weakness. Not everyone is interested in your success. Don't trust anyone. Be wise!