5 Tribes In Igboland Where Cheating In Marriage Is Punishable By Death

If you have to marry in Igbo land, first of all, you must check if you are faithful. If you think you are not, you must ask questions about the tribe you want to marry from. Some tribes have zero tolerance for cheating. This article explains that.

5 Tribes In Igboland Where Cheating In Marriage Is Punishable By Death Or Permanent Madness

I was discussing with a group of people, and they talked about how Christianity has displayed African culture and tradition. They spoke with so much regret, recounting how it has enthroned corruption in Africa. Even though I'm a staunch Catholic, I can't agree any lesser with that submission. According to them, before Christianity took over, whoever goes against the law of the land is stricken to death immediately by the gods, without a second chance.

With such heavy consequences, people were more careful with their lives. They would treat their fellows with the respect they deserve. However, in our time, the reverse is the case. People commit abomination with impunity, because most of the time, they get away with it.

Although be it as it may, some communities still preserve the efficacy of their tradition. In this article, we shall be discussing those tribes in Igbo land where couples who cheating are punishable by death or madness. This single act could affect one or both partners or even their children, as the case may be. So let's dive into it, while you pull a seat and relax.

Nsukka Asadu Tribe

Nsukka is a tribe in the present-day Enugu State, Southeast Nigeria. The people occupy the northern part of the state. This tribe constitutes over 6 local governments out of 17 Local Governments in the state. They are Nsukka LGA, Udenu, Igbo-Eze North and Igbo-Eze South, Isi-Uzo, Uzo-Uwani LGA. You can see that it is one of the largest tribes in that southeastern state.

The tribe became popular with the siting of the University of Nigeria in the region in the fifties. Since then, the town has become a household name, especially among the students and educated people in Nigeria and beyond. You can easily hear people saying they are students of the University of Nigeria nsukka or aspiring to or has graduated from the school. In whichever way, the name "NSUKKA" is boldly seen in the equation.

The people are, however, not known with the University of Nigeria alone, they are also known for a certain tradition. This tradition helps them to control promiscuity in their society. Under Nsukka traditional society, a married man or woman is not allowed under any circumstances to have extramarital affairs, else the gods of the land will strike him with permanent madness.

So, if you are intending to marry Nsukka, you must let go of all your cheating attitude. Also, if you are already married to a Nsukka person, just be careful for the sake of your life. You can't imagine yourself picking rubbish in the refuse dump all by yourself because you can't be faithful in your marriage, do you?

Though, contrary to the submission in the introductory paragraph, that the ancient African tradition does not offer offenders a second chance, in Nsukka, a second chance is given. The offenders are allowed to confess and be cleansed through a traditional rite. That is if the partner in question mistakenly falls into the act. If it is a habit, there won't be a second chance.

Ezza Ezekuna Tribe

Another tribe where cheating in marriage is punishable by death in Igbo land is Ezza tribe. They refer to themselves as the Ezza nation. These people are mainly found in the heart of the present-day Ebonyi state but are also found in other parts of the state and beyond. Although they mostly occupy two local governments in the state, (Ezza-North and South), they are found in great numbers in almost other local governments in the state.

According to a survey, they are warriors and farmers, and that has been the reason they are found in other regions other than their ancestral home. Due to their skill in prosecuting wars in the ancient days, they alleged they are one of the tribes of Israel. With their conquest in the past, they have been consulted to do justice to them by other tribes. Therefore, when they help those people conquer their enemies, they are offered a portion of land to live and cultivate, usually to help scare away any future invaders.

Having said all that about the tribe, let us come back to our topic. In this tribe in Igbo land, a married woman is not allowed to have an affair with any other man, except her husband. If she does, her action will only affect her husband or children to death. Although, it may not affect them if the woman can manage it. As long as she doesn't cook for both husband and children.

If she wants to have her children and husband alive, and at the same time, continue cooking food for them, she must confess to the crime. When she does that, she will be made to go through a certain traditional rite to cleanse and appease the gods. So, if you must marry from that tribe in Ebonyi state, you must be careful because the man dies here and not the woman.

If you as a man intend to do that, you just have to delete that idea in your mind. Why, because your wife has the power to take your life. If she finds out that you are cheating and decided to pay you back in your coin, she just needs to sleep with another man. Then she may decide to start cooking your favorite meals, and you find yourself six feet below. You can see how beautiful African culture and tradition can be, yet some people tag it evil.

Other tribes where unfaithfulness in marriage is not permitted by their tradition are Afikpo, Ohaozara, and Ikwo. All these tribes are found in the Ebonyi state of Nigeria. We are going to come in detail about the above-listed tribes in the coming days, once we have the data. We are also going to bring other tribes to Igbo land, where promiscuity is forbidden. So, while we research to give you what you need, just know that these aforementioned tribes have some grieve punishment for you if you marry there and are not satisfied with your partner.

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