5 Ways On How To Spice Up A Boring Relationship

Is your relationship getting so boring? Are you looking for ways to spice it up? Here are 5 ways on how to spice up your relationship.

Are you currently in a relationship? Are you looking for some ways to spice up your relationship? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. 
Boredom in a relationship is one of the overlooked problems in a relationship. However, it should be noted that it can become a serious problem over time. Boredom in a relationship can eventually lead to a breakup as nothing entices both partners. Most relationships are usually interesting and exciting at the start. However, along the line, the excitement can fizzle out and boredom creeps in. 


When a relationship gets boring, there are some signs that are seen. Luckily, one of the partners may notice these signs. On the other hand, none of the partners may notice these signs.

Some of the signs of a boring relationship include the following:

1. Reduced communication: A crucial part of any relationship is communication. When you no longer communicate with your partner as before, it may indicate that boredom has crept in. When you have a hard time trying to communicate with your partner, it's a sign of a boring relationship. 

2. Reduced fun: When you no longer have much fun with your partner as before, it may indicate that your relationship has turned sour. When you no longer enjoy the time spent with your partner, it's an indicator of boredom in a relationship. 

3. Seeking happiness elsewhere: When you start seeking happiness elsewhere, it may indicate that your relationship is turning sour. 

4. Caring less: when you start caring less about your partner or his/her activities, it may be a pointer to a boring relationship. At the beginning of the relationship, you used to want to know every single detail about your partner's day. But now, you don't care to know anymore. You don’t bother asking about their work, family, or their extracurricular activities. This is a glaring sign of a boring relationship.

5. Boring Conversation: When your conversation starts getting boring, it means your relationship is becoming sour. When both partners no longer have anything to talk about, it can make a relationship very boring. Probably they don’t have as many things in common as they thought they had. This might also be because the newness of the relationship has worn off. 



1. When partners don't talk about something new: this is one of the major causes of boredom in a relationship. When both partners don't engage in lively conversations, it can't result in boredom. When all they do is talk about the same thing over and over again, it can result in boredom. Don't just ask your partner what he or she ate, how his or her day went, or what they did at work. When you keep on asking them the same question each day, it can create a disconnect and eventually lead to boredom.

2. When one of the partners stops making an effort: lack of effort can eventually lead to boredom in a relationship. When one of the partners stops making effort, it makes the relationship uninteresting.

3. When they stop hanging out frequently: When both partners fail to spend quality time with each other, it can result in boredom. 



Here are 5 proven ways on how to spice your relationship and get rid of boredom:

1. Talk to your partner about it: talk to your partner about how you feel about the relationship. Hear their opinion too. If they admit they aren't bored with the relationship, open up about your feelings. They should respond positively as long as you don't blame them. But if your partner accepts that he or she is bored in the relationship, talk to him or her about it. Discuss possible ways on how to tackle boredom. Look for strategies that suit you both. By the time you both are done talking, you would feel much better.

2. Be spontaneous: stop being too serious all the time. Learn to be spontaneous. Do fun and unexpected activities with your partner. Learn to make the activities you both do exciting. A common saying goes thus: "A couple that laughs together, stays together". Learn to have fun with your partner. Make every activity interesting. Don't keep on repeating things the same way. Learn to do the same thing differently. 

3. Learn/ Try something new together: in other to get rid of boredom in your relationship, try learning something new with your partner. It could be a baking class, a singing class, or something fun. Apart from learning something new, try doing something new together. For instance, you could decide to try a new food or visit a new place. 

4. Go to exciting places: to get rid of boredom, you and your partner can decide to go out to different exciting places. You could decide to even go on a vacation. If you both haven't traveled for a long time, try picking a nice place to go. This helps to spice/grow up your relationship. 

5. Develop effective communication: effective communication is very essential in a relationship. It helps to spice up a relationship. Learn to communicate with your partner often. When you communicate, talk about interesting things and things that are of no interest. Stop repeating the same thing over and over again. Stop asking the same question over and over again. Talk about certain issues and communicate with your partner frequently.


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