6 Truth About Writing I Wish I Knew When I Started In Writing

In this article, I give you the tips everyone starting as a freelance writer must know to succeed.

When I started as a writer, it was just me, passion, and maybe writing talent, I'm not sure about the latter. There were no courses, mentors, or even forums to run to when I get stuck.

I just jumped in and read many good articles, blog posts, and write-ups I could lay my hands on. Then I ignorantly went through all the trial and error. For this reason, I made all the mistakes I shouldn't have made if I had a mentor.

You may say, after all, you later became a pro writer and content creator, but I bet you don't wish to go through all that. This is because it is time-consuming and exhausting at the same time.

However, if you are reading this article, you are very lucky. You don't have to go through what I or other pros went through. Here in the remainder of this article, you have the tips every newbie needs to start on the right note.


1. Don't Mind The Volume of The Views You Get In Your Article

When I started newly, I could check up the views on my articles countless times on a daily. Most of the time, I get discouraged by the number of clicks, comments, likes, and shares I get. This is peculiar to every new writer.

That made me quite severally, but just like I mentioned earlier, passion was one of the things I had. So, each time I went back, it was just for the fun of it.

As a newbie, nobody told me getting in front of viewers is a gradual process. Even though, getting in their front is one thing, appealing to them and making them come back is another.

Take this into your skull, the volume of view is not the measure of value you give, especially as a beginner. Don't let it weigh you down.


2. Do Your Due Diligence Before Your Sign Up To Write For Any Online Platform

As I was getting familiarized with writing I soon discovered I could earn real good online with my write-ups. So, I was elated and searched vigorously on Google for one or two.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I found some. With that zeal, I signed up and wrote scores of articles. However, when I surpassed the threshold for payment, I was banned from the platform for a no-just course.

Although I found some legit sites along the line, I had given out my time and effort severally before that time. What I recommend you do is, search for the review of the sites and pay attention to long reviews. This is because short analyses, especially positive ones are sometimes misleading.


3. Writing Is A Process

Many people just like me, are misled into thinking that writing is an easy task. That is why many would quit as soon as they started. That's a wrong notion if you ask me.

Writing is not copying and pasting other people's work, neither is it the use of rewriting tools. It is plagiarism doing so, which is a crime in the industry.

Writing quality articles require in-depth research of the title you are writing. It also entails constant improvement in your grammar, vocabulary, and writing style.

These were some of the things nobody told me which I had learned by trial and error.


4. Beware Of Success Story

Reading success stories is very good because they motivate, but don't take them hook line and sinker. This is because some of the stories you read are simply clickbait.

Clickbait is content or headline written just to make you click and read. It doesn't give value or what it promises to offer.

I have fallen to a score of them. This doesn't mean that people are not succeeding, but try to listen to people, for example, mentors


5. Don't Be Afraid Of Rejections

Most beginners are afraid of being rejected, and I wasn't an exception. As a writer who works for other people, you are bound to get rejected.

It doesn't matter how go you may be. Rejection is just part of the job, and if you still think writing is what you want to do, you must make them work for you or it will break you.

I still recalled the first rejection I got was from a lady. She didn't just reject my work, she sacked me. The pain of being treated that way by a lady of my age nearly affected my being. But passion had always been my saving grace.

The one reason you must get rejected, even if you're a pro is because of individual differences. Some employers may not just be comfortable with your writing style.

It doesn't mean you are not good. So, always learn new things from every rejection, because that's one of the ways to get better. Remember, writing is a process.


6. Don't Fall For Niche Preachers

As a freelance writer, you don't have to limit yourself to a single or even just two niches. This is advisable for bloggers because of the search engine algorithm.

This is what I fell deeply into when I started freelance writing newly. I was told to focus on a single niche, though, it's good because you get better each day.

However, it limits you because as a writer, you discover you can write about many things. That means leaving a lot of money on the table because you will always search for a job in your chosen niche.

And as you may have known, they are not always readily available. But when you diversify, you will always have loads of jobs, and that's money.


If you are a beginner freelance writer, abide by these tips religiously. Don't mind your clicks, but focus on quality content. Always be wary of scam sites and always be patient with yourself.

The success story is good but always look for real ones. You must know that rejection is part of the job. Finally, don't stick to a single niche if you are a freelance writer


Blessed Rebecca

Blessed Rebecca

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