Creating The Right First Impression

You meet people for the first time virtually everywhere you go. How do you leave a good impression on them? Find out in this article.

As they say, "first impression counts". For those who say it doesn't work or count, it does. It is still the foremost impression a person got of you. The fact that the person later had a better (or worse) impression of you, doesn't mean that the first impression hadn't already done its damage before the subsequent ones. Therefore, the first impression counts. 


There are different places and situations that you need to create the right first impression. We shall be discussing them in this article. 

—When meeting someone for the first time:

1. Smile:

This puts the person at ease. A frowning face is not attractive in any way. But when you smile, even if the person is feeling nervous, he or she will immediately feel calm about the whole situation. So, never forget to smile when it's your first meeting. 

2. Look good:

Remember, this is the first impression such a person will have of you. Even if they see you at a later time, whenever they think of you, it is of how you looked like the first time you two met. 

3. Say the right things:

Try to skirt around the surface first, to see what they like and do not like. Don't pressure them into a conversation if they are not ready for it. But if they are, walk-on safe waters by talking about general stuff. If you make the discussion more personal, they might take offense without your knowing. Also, try to avoid controversial issues like religion, terrorism, etc. You never know their tolerance level. 

4. Ask them about themselves:

One subject most people love talking about is themselves. They will smile and get very comfortable with you. Just keep asking them questions that relate to their lives, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. 

5. Talk about yourself:

They might not really be comfortable or remember you clearly if all you two talked about is them. Try to chirp in one or two things about yourself. You could find common grounds and capitalize on them. You could talk about something impressive you've once done. Or something you hope to achieve. They will get interested in you in no time. 


At work:

1. Wear appropriate clothes:

If it's your first day at work, you don't want to be remembered as the worker who came in with disco clothes. You could try to find out the dress code beforehand, so you won't look odd. 

2. Show dedication:

You don't want to be ruled out as a lazy one on your first day at work. Show that you know why you are on the job, and you love what you do. Don't be afraid to interact with your colleagues and find out how to go about things that seem difficult. They will help you, but you have to go to them. 

3. Be friendly:

Don't stare moodily at people you'll probably be seeing every day for a long time. Smile. Move around. Greet people. Introduce yourself. Get to know one or two more closely. Who knows, you might meet someone with whom you are going on the same route home. Or even better. 

4. Don't break rules:

You definitely don't want to be breaking rules you don't know about! Find out about those rules. Every organization has its own rules guiding it and its workers. 


At school

Come prepared:

Bring everything you need; your stationery, writing materials, and your brain. Don't sleep in class. Ask questions. Answer questions. Interact with people. Don't try to make friends immediately, or enemies, based on what your supposed friends have told you. Just go with the flow, and enjoy yourself. It's your first day, after all. The best impression to create on the first day at school is one of a student with an easy-going approach to life. So, be that way. 

Note: To create the right impression anywhere, you must stay true to yourself. Don't pretend to be someone you are not, just because you are in a new place. In a short while, you won't be able to keep up with the pretense anymore, and you would feel like you are overstretching yourself to the limit.