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Fake "Facts" about Foods that you believe.

Fake "Facts" about Foods that you believe.

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Fake "Facts" about Foods that you believe.

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Fake "Facts" about Foods that you believe.

Food myths that many people believe.

' You're what you eat,' goes a popular saying.  Yes, a great part of our health is determined by the foods we eat.

  However, there are a lot of untrue things that people, even the highly educated ones, hold to be true when it comes to foods and nutrition.


Here's a list of such fake "Facts" :

1. You should only eat fruits on an empty stomach.

Some people believe that eating fruits after eating other foods can cause complications. This is however a false assumption.

Feel free to take fruits any time you like.


2. You will gain weight if you eat after 8 pm.

Many people suffer unnecessary hunger from this. While it is true that eating very late at night could cause sleeping problems, 8 pm is too high a bar to place on yourself. 

In fact, you can continue eating till 10, but be prepared to stay up long before sleeping.  At any rate, you will not gain weight from eating late.


3. You must drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Now here's a very popular one. Some people go as far as making markings on their water bottles to make sure they drink exactly 8 glasses a day.

Relax; you can drink more or less if you so wish. Just don't drink so little that you feel constantly thirsty and dehydrated, or so much that you can not have anymore.

Take note of that, and you're safe with whatever number of glasses you have. Besides, there is no proof that 8 glasses a day is the perfect number.


4. Spicy foods will cause ulcers for you.

Another of the false assumptions made by amateurs. True, you might get uneasy with spicy foods, but that does not mean you will get ulcers from spices.

What's more, an ulcer is caused by an infection of Helicobacter pylori, and there is no link between that and spicy foods.


5. Eating eggs would escalate your cholesterol level.

Eggs; those extremely nutritious poultry products.  It is unfortunate that many myths surround their consumption.

Although eggs contain cholesterol, the amount in them is not so high that you should avoid them totally.

Unless you're taking up to ten eggs a day, you're not at risk of high cholesterol from egg consumption.


 6. Egg yolks are bad for your health.

While not condemning eggs totally, some people have a thing against the yolk, and so avoid them to settle for the egg white alone.

It is not uncommon to see some people separating the yolk from the egg white whenever they want to fry.

This is again, totally unfounded. The yolk actually contains essential nutrients not found in many other foods.

An example of such nutrients is choline, which is food to the brain and found in the yolks of eggs.


7. Fresh vegetables are always better than frozen or canned ones.

Virtually everyone gives credence to this.

The truth however is that sometimes, the canned and frozen ones can be better. The ones we call 'fresh' have actually spent weeks in transport, losing a part of their initial nutrients. Then we get to the marketplace and think that we have gotten the best.

On the other hand, vegetables are frozen or canned immediately after they are taken from the farm - with complete nutrients.

The only time the fresh ones are better is when you pick them fresh from the farm. Otherwise, you should not expect them to be always better than the canned and frozen ones.


8. Vitamin C would help you from catching a cold.

Vitamin C is actually used to enhance recovery from a bout of catarrh, but cold?

No, not quite.  This does not imply that you should not take Vitamin C. Just be aware that they do not do anything special to relieve or prevent a cold.


9. You burn fat when you sweat.

Yes, you lose excess fat when you perform exercises. But is this due to sweating?

 No, not quite.

The sweat is actually made up of a large amount of water with trace amounts of other substances like urea and ammonia.

So if you think spending hours in a sauna, bathing in your own sweat, would help you lose weight, then you're in for a shocker.


10. Some foods help detoxify the body.

This is specially made popular by commercials. You'd even find some product with the tag 'contains natural detoxifiers'.

While these foods may not be bad themselves, the body does not need them, neither do they detoxify the body. Your liver does that.


This brings us to the end of the list. Do not be misled by popular opinions. You'll be better off conducting a little research yourself, instead of allowing yourself to be swayed by what many say.

Take care. 



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