How Muslims Also Believed In Jesus

This article explains what Jesus truly represent, outside what people believe Him to be

It is widely believed that Jesus belongs to the Christians alone. This is because he's assumed to be the founder of Christianity. However, the opposite is the case, given the recognition, he got from some other religions, for example, Islam.

Jesus is for everybody under the sun. That's why he's the saviour of the world, not the savour of the Christians. Note this, very important.

It can be recalled that Jesus Christ is also honoured by the Muslims as one of the greatest prophets of Allah. They may not regard Him as the son of God, but they sure accord Him a lot of honor.

According to reports, the name of Jesus Christ is mentioned even more than the name of Prophet Mohammed in the Holy Qur'an. That speaks volumes.

It is also very important to note that In the Holy Qur'an, there's a chapter dedicated entirely to the mother of Jesus, Mariam. Quite amazing to hear, right, but that's the fact.

What is that telling you? It explains the fact that both Christianity and Islam are like twin brothers. There is absolutely nothing to misunderstand each other for. The only contradiction I see between the two most popular religions is language differences.

.It's just like an English man telling an Italian 'Thank you,' while the Spanish man is saying 'Obrigado'. Can you see that the two are saying the same thing, but in different tongues.

If there's no trusted interpreter around, both of them may misunderstand each other and go fist to fist. How stupid they would feel the day they will learn that they have been fighting for nothing.

That will be the case for the believers of the two religions the day they will understand each other. I pray for that day to come quickly.

Another reason Muslims are still in good standing with Jesus Christ is that the journey to heaven is a personal race. It is not only when you're a Christian that you will find Paradise.

Having Jesus is not the function of being a member of an organization. It is way beyond that. It is an individual. It's way beyond saying it.

I can be a Christian and not follow the way of Jesus, while a Muslim will be in good standing with him. That is what Jesus wants, not lip service. That is why He said many are called but few are chosen.

Many people will be like, on the last day, "I did this, I did that in your name. But He will tell them to leave his presence because they didn't do His bidding.

Now, check out what his bidding is, according to Him. Not some unnecessary rituals being paraded as the way of Christ.

When I was hungry you gave me food. 'When I was homeless you sheltered me. When I was naked, you clothed me. When I was in need, you provided for me, and all that.

Meanwhile, can Jesus ever be hungry, homeless, or naked, given his person? No. He was referring to how many poor people you lifted out of suffering. How many of the downtrodden you gave shoulders to cry on.

But my people are more interested in how much cash they stray in parties. How much they donate to functions and church projects

Is the condition necessary for getting into paradise is not even how much tithe you paid? Those who pay tithe with tithe booklet should take note.

God doesn't need that. Once you pay, it is recorded. Using a booklet is quite hypocritical.

He's not about how much you contributed to the construction of church buildings or whether you single-handedly financed the project. All that doesn't make any meaning to God and Jesus. If you barely love and care for the man next to you, who needs your helping hands, you just wasted your time.

So, finally, if a Muslim does all that, is he not having Jesus as his personal Lord and saviour. This is because, it's not all about shouting Father, Father, or being a member of a group known as Christianity.

It's all about doing his commands on earth. No one should lay claim of Jesus Christ. Because he's too big to be owned by just one group of people.

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