How to be a good writer in just five steps

This will provide you with 5 simple steps to being a writer. Writing has always been an easy task to some people but a tough task to others.

Life as a content writer has never ever been a simple task. However, some people are professional writers, and they are seen to be earning a very good living from their writing jobs and offers. But how have they just been able to make such huge money from such a "petty" job? Well, if there are writers, why shouldn't I be as well and make some money for myself?

This article will show you the 5 steps to be a writer and a very successful one at that.

But firstly, we have to know who a writer is and what exactly a writer does? I mean, what do we mean by " person J is a writer". Although we might have several ideas and definitions for the term, a writer is basically a person who writes. Some may be writing for themselves or as freelancers, others may be writing as professional editors or contributors to magazines, blogs, or any website.

This may be writing term projects for exams to even being an author of a book as well as offering freelance writing services.
Without further time-wasting, let delve into the 5 steps of being a writer and a very good one.


FIND OUT IF IT IS YOUR HOBBY: You get a job or a freelance task to write a 200 or a 300-page book and you are to deliver it within a period of 2 to 3 weeks. You are 5 days to the deadline and you still haven't made it past page 40 or page 50 because you did not find pleasure in writing that particular article or book. If writing is not your hobby, then why should you bother yourself with being one???

Having it as a hobby will do several things for you including the fact that it will help you get that flow or have the energy and drive anytime you pick up a pen and paper to start writing.


CREATIVITY; creativity has or proven to be very important for your writing career as a freelancer, a blog contributor, or an editor in the magazine industry. Creativity is what will separate you from other writers who are also in your niche or have the same career or writing energy as you do. It is what gives your article that unique style or message to your readers.

They are several ways to boost your creativity and one of them involves you finding out what exactly is able to inspire you. And this may include traveling, spending time with family or other close relatives. You can also go to a beach to get that creative spark in you. It involves what you do before writing, what you do during the writing, and what you do after writing.

The importance of creativity can not be stressed enough in your career as a writer or someone who wishes or intends to have a professional career in content writing and it has done justice to get into our list of the 5 steps to being a successful writer. 


BE A READER: This is where you are likely to get ideas, motivation, and also inspiration from. Most times, people might get very motivated based on a single journal or a novel they just read. One of the key mistakes newbie writers usually make is ignoring the fact the need to be avid readers as well.

This doesn't mean you get to steal or plagiarize someone else's idea. The importance of this can't be stressed enough. Go back to being a reader first!
For a tight schedule, it is important and also recommended that you get to read at least one book in a week. However, you can step this up to two, three, or even more depending on how tight your schedule is.


NICHE: you pick a pen or open your writing software, you keep staring at the writing surface. You are squirming your face because you were asked to write sales content when you know you are a badass sport and news writer. The fact is that niche plays a key role in your writing ability. It might be the reason for the constant failure you might be facing as a writer. My advice is, just go for what works best for you and if you are great at combining those two or more niches, then go on.

However, it is usually recommended that you stick to one niche and master that particular niche in order for you to be a professional writer. Just like Bruce Lee said, "I am not afraid of the man that practices ten thousand kicks once, but I am afraid of the man that practices one kick for over ten thousand times".


JUST START: The last step on our "5 steps to being a writer",  is an important piece. You just need to start that your writing career. You are definitely bound to make mistakes and they are likely bound to happen most of the time, that is if it is not every time.

But now, the question is; how can you improve and be a writing boss if you have not made several mistakes and get corrected several numbers of times. You need to start in order to realize your potential and how you can get to reach it with speed.



These 5 steps to being a writer are open for everyone and anyone can pick them and learn from them. It is what makes the big boys in the content writing industry stand out and keep being the top performers.
A combination of all of the things listed on our 5 steps to being a writer will make you burst that shell around you and utilize your potential as a  writer as well as keep you out of being in your comfort zone.
The fact is that professional content writers do not stay too long in their comfort zone, that is if they even have a comfort zone, to begin with.