How To Cook Soya Jollof

How to cook Soya Jollof, Recipe for Soya Jollof.

Soya Jollof is almost the same thing as the normal jollof rice we all know, only that this type of food ( rice ) is made of soya beans. It is a delicious food if prepared properly and can be eaten like your normal rice. The method on how to cook this Soya jollof rice is what i will be discussing below. Ensure you follow all procedures to get the exact and quality taste you need to achieve.

The steps are as follows; 

The ingredients for preparing this quality soya jollof rice are as follows; 
( i ) Soya beans ( about 3 cups of soya beans will do ).
( ii ) Some 2 cups of rice
( iii ) Meat ( 500g meat or 10 to 15 pieces of quality meat )
( iv ) Chicken ( or fish )
( v ) Maggi ( 2 to 3 cubes will be enough ) 
( vi ) Vegetable oil ( 10 cl of vegetable oil or about 7 tablespoons )
( vii ) Garlic ( 1 clove of garlic )
( viii )  4 tomatoes ( grounded to paste form )
( ix ) Salt to your taste
( x ) 2 medium-sized onions 
( xi ) Fresh pepper ( 2 teaspoons of fresh ground pepper )
( xii ) Thyme ( ½ teaspoon )
( xiii ) Curry powder ( ½ teaspoon )
( xiv ) Ginger ( ½ teaspoon of ground ginger )
( xv ) Dry pepper ( ½ teaspoon )
( xvi ) Crayfish  ( 3 tablespoons of ground crayfish ) 
( xvii ) Spinach ( a small bunch of spinach will do. 

The equipment needed to prepare the soya Jollof are as follows; 
( i ) Pots 
( ii ) Gas cooker
( iii ) Blender
( iv ) Bowl
( v ) Sharp knife
( vi ) Frypan
( vii ) Wooden spoon for stirring the food
( viii) Mortar and pestle 
( ix ) Tablespoons and teaspoons for measurements.

The method of preparing the soya Jollof are as listed below;
( i ) Wash the meat and place the already washed meat into a clean cooking pot and put the pot on the fire. 

( ii ) Add water, salt, and dry pepper. Slice your onions and place them into the pot you are using to boil the meat. Make sure you cook/boil the meat until tender (soft).

( iii ) Wash the soya beans, ensure you beat down the soya beans into tiny little pieces with your electric blender or with your mortar and pestle. 

( iv ) Wash the rice as you did with the beans but with a different bowl.  Do not mix the rice and soya beans together and wash, ensure you wash them separately.

( v ) Cook the rice and soya beans, parboil them, and set them all aside.

( v i ) Get 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil in your fry pan and heat it. Put together some sliced onions and a little amount of garlic and fry for another 4 minutes on very low heat. 

( vii ) Put your tomatoes in the frying pan add a little pepper, add another 7 tablespoons of vegetable oil and allow to fry for another 5 to 7 minutes on very low heat. 

( viii ) Get your parboiled rice and your parboiled soya beans and place them inside a pot, add a little more water, put all the ingredients you have put in your fry pan, and stir. 

( ix ) Put in your salt, curry, thyme, blended crayfish, and your mashed/blended ginger and allow to cook for about 10 to 15 minutes on very low heat to allow all the ingredients to penetrate and give it an awesome taste to your food. 

( x ) Get your meat or fish ready, fry some garlic. Slice your spinach and also fry it with garlic. 

( xi ) Put your meat in the frypan with the fried garlic and spinach and fry for 5 to 8 minutes.

( xii ) While your rice and soya beans are on fire, ensure you stir the cooking food to enable the proper distribution of nutrients.

( xiii ) Cook for another 2 minutes then bring it down. Serve with chilled minerals. 

There you have it, the procedure to cook a tasty Soya Jollof. Hope you enjoyed the article.