How to exfoliate your lips

The dos and don'ts of exfoliating your lips.

How to exfoliate your lips

Exfoliation involves the removal of dead skin. This post will be in process of exfoliating your lips.

The following are exfoliating materials;

  • salt or sugar.
  • olive oil or coconut oil.
  • A container for keeping the mixture.
  • A good lip balm or chapet.
  • Cotton swab

Proceed to make a mixture of the exfoliating ingredients, for the purpose of this post, I will be using sugar and olive oil. Note: it's okay to use the other exfoliating ingredients.

After making a mixture of sugar and olive oil. In a small quantity, since it's just for the lips. 

Transfer the mixture to the small container. Dip the cotton swab into the mixture and apply it to the lips in a circular motion with gentle pressure.

You can either rinse it off with water or dab at it with wipes or a clean handkerchief. After that, apply your lip balm or chapet to retain the moisture or mixture.

Be careful not to 'over' exfoliate your lips, this can come as a result of exfoliating your lips on a daily basis. This is wrong because over-exfoliating your lips can potentially dry them out.

You should also spend at least two to three minutes when exfoliating your lips. You can exfoliate your lips at least two to three times a week.