How To Handle Your Baby The Right Way

Some tips on how to handle your baby the right way.

Babies are a precious gift from the highest God. Anyone who is lucky to have children knows how it feels, and is forever grateful for the bundle of joy. The whole process leading from conception to childbirth and nurturing is quite stressful on the part of the parents, but in the end, it's all joy. 


There are ways babies are meant to be handled, because of their fragility. If they are handled otherwise, it could be risky for them. 

1. Don't throw it up:

Some people, while trying to play with a baby, throw it up and catch it down. While the baby might laugh and enjoy it, it could catch the wind and this is risky for brain formation, especially in very little babies that are only months old. 


2. Don't kiss it:

This is because there are many microorganisms in a single drop of adult saliva. Kissing the baby especially when there is an exchange of saliva, could be risky for the health of the child. 


3. Don't starve or overfeed it:

Babies are humans too and are meant to be treated as such. When a baby is hungry, it will show a lot of signs. This is why you shouldn't wait until your baby is hungry before feeding it. Also, don't overfeed it or it will develop stomach ache or more severe constipation or stooling. 


4. Pay attention to its excretion:

This could be the color of urine, the texture of excreta, or the rate at which it sweats. All these are pointers to its health and should be taken very seriously. 


5. Dress it according to the weather:

Don't expose your baby to unnecessary cold or too much heat, always have the right wears for it, so that it will be in perfect health. 


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