How To Maintain And Grow Your Natural Hair

Natural hair is very adorable, soft, pleasing, and fragile, it requires little expertise and knowledge in maintaining and growing. Types and tips on how to grow your natural hair will be discussed in this article.

Human hair can be best defined as a non-living structure found in some part of the skin, and it is produced by hair follicles; which contains majorly Keratin. It is also a protein filament that originates from hair follicles that are located in the dermis, it also defines characteristics of mammals.
Research shows that there are about 5,500,000 hair follicles in the human body, approximately, 150,000 are found in the scalp of the skin, the hair also contains 96% of keratin, (Fibrous protein) that forms the constituents of the skin and some parts like; body hair, nails
Natural hair is defined as hair that hasn't been altered or acted upon by cosmetic chemicals examples of these chemicals are; straighteners, relaxers, and others.

Natural hair can be classified into different types based on the thickness texture, density, pattern, of the hair, they are hereby divided into four parts;

• Straight Natural Hair

A popular and common type of natural hair, it doesn't curl, is very resilient, large in volume, and also hard to attack by infection or damage.
It can be artificially curled, but it takes a very difficult process, because of its oily nature and styling difficulty.

• Wavy

It posses the ability and acts like straight natural hair and wavy type of hair, it easily becomes frizzy compared to other types of hair, it appears very easy to style and loose.

• Curly

Resemble letter shape “S, it appears loose, venerable to damage, voluminous, depends on the climatic condition, very frizzy, and also requires attention and care.

• Highly curled Hair

Regarded as the easily damaged and vulnerable type of hair, highly coiled, with a very high density, which shrinks when placed in contact with water.
All the natural hairs discussed above are very smooth, soft, and oily, but they need to be maintained, most people spend huge money on buying shampoo and other hair-related creams, but yet no positive results, finish reading this article, and you will get a positive report.
Ways On How To Maintain And Grow Your Natural Hair

• Treatment With Egg

Egg helps to clean your hair, employing the use of eggs in moisturizing your hair makes your hair softer and shiny.
Mix your egg, the yolk, and white part, stir and apply it to your hair, leave it for about 10 minutes and rinse with cold or cool water.
Try this subsequently, and you will get to experience a new change in your hair.

• Cleanliness

Most times, the causes of hair dandruff, itchy scalp, hair fall, and other hair related infections are caused by the uncleanness of the hair, which allows the hair to be venerable to infection, to maintain and grow your natural hair, you must always clean your hair regularly, at least twice a week, detangle your hair, it makes sure there is no breakage, and boost the level of your natural hair oil.

• Avoid Treating With Hot Water

There are so many assumptions made by people that treating the hair with hot water grows that hair, this is far from the truth, hot water only makes your hair dry and wash away protective oils that are secreted by the sebaceous gland of the hair follicle. Treating with warm water can be the best advice.

• Applying Baking soda

Apply three spoons of baking soda and a minute quantity of water to your hair, then rinse after 7 minutes.
This helps to remove or stop the action of chemicals products like; shampoo from your hair.

• Conditioning And Hair Masking

To maintain and grow your natural hair, you need to routinely condition your hair and also employ the use of Hair masks immediately after the conditioning process. This helps to nourish, hydrate, reduce hair fall, detangle and also create hair curls, but during this process, you must be careful of your type of hair conditioning to avoid hair loss.
The most recommendable type of hair mask is the honey and coconut oil mask, coconut oil attaches to the hair, and reduces the rate of keratin loss, while honey also creates moisture retention.

• Style Your Hair Routinely

Another means to maintain and grow your natural hair is to routinely style your hair weekly or routinely as you wish, you can decide to try out puff, twist out, braid out, natural hair high bun, sleek low bun, cornrow braids, and other styles, this helps to prevent tangled, unruly or roughened hair.

Also, during styling, you must use a styling cream, product, or gel, and the type of products you use should aim at the thickness of your hair and your desired hair.

• Shampoo wash

This is the most common method used to grow natural hair, but shampoos also have side effects, but the best recommendable shampoo to use is the sulfate-free ones, it helps to retain the moisture of your hair.

• Cover Your Hair With A Scarf During Sleep.

When going to bed, always cover your hair with a scarf, this prevents friction and protects your hair while sleeping.

• Avoid Constant Heating

Heating and drying of your hair constantly can cause hair fall, it is advisable to steer off heating, but if not avoidable, the use of heat protectants, blow dryers and other equipment that keep temperatures low, should be employed to reduce damage.

• Trim Your Hair

Getting a haircut once in a Blue Moon can also maintain and boost your natural hair, it prevents Tangling or single-strand knots of your hair.
Getting a haircut, at least once a year, keeps your hair curls popping and looking radiant.

• Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a green succulent plant that helps to moisturize and lubricates your hair, it can be applied once in two weeks or more.

• Avoid Cotton Towel

Avoid using a traditional cotton towel to dry your hair, it strips out all moisture, pulls and stretches out your hair, which is not advisable. A cotton T-shirt is still more ideal as it reduces breakage.

• Cover Your Hair Before Diving Into A Pool

Research shows that most pools contain hazardous chemicals, which can damage the hair, cover your appropriately before diving into a pool and apply a minute quantity of conditioner to your hair. 
Follow the measures discussed above, and experience a new development in your hair.