How to make Meat Pie Dough

Recipe For The Dough and How to prepare the Meat Pie Dough

A simple step on how to make meat pie dough


Firstly; Dough:

This is made by adding some fillings to a dough and then baking it. It's also one of my favorite snacks. Below is the recipe:

Recipe For The Dough:

1. Flour- 500g

2. Butter- 200g

3. Pinch of salt 

4. Coldwater 


Method of preparing the dough:

Measure your flour and your butter. Add your salt to the flour and mix. Incorporate your butter into the flour by making crumbs. Add some cold water, mix then knead. Place in a bowl, cover with a clean piece of cloth and leave in a cool place for 20-30 minutes.


Secondly;  Meat Pie

Recipe for the Meat Pie: 

Some Irish potatoes



Minced meat 


Salt - a pinch

Pepper -1 teaspoon

Flour - 1 tablespoon 

Groundnut oil- 1 tablespoon 

Curry powder 

Thyme powder



How to prepare the Meat Pie Dough:

Peel your Irish potatoes and wash. Dice into cubes, boil, and drain the water. Get a frying pan, add some groundnut oil, some sliced onions, and some curry. Stir as it fries. Add the minced meat, some seasoning, pepper, and some salt. Thereafter, add the Irish potatoes and the carrots. Add some flour and water and stir. The purpose of the flour is to make the fillings uniform.

After preparing the fillings, use a meat pie cutter to cut out some dough, add some fillings, seal with egg white and then bake in an oven. You can also brush the surface of the meat pie with some egg white to give a luster appearance.


Credit: Nyk30