How To Prepare Afang Soup

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Afang soup mainly constitutes vegetables, it has its origins from Cross River State and Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. 

Step by steps on how to prepare it is as follows; 



1). 1.5kg of Aging leaves

2). 1kg of edible water leaves

3). Half (1/2) liter of palm oil

4). 2 medium-sized dry fish

5). 6-8 tablespoons full of crayfish 

6). 2 Maggi cubes

7). 1.5kg of assorted meat

8). 1 medium size finely chopped onions 

9). 5-7 tablespoons of ground fresh pepper

10). 1-2 medium cups of periwinkle

11). Stockfish head

12). Snails

13). Clams (optional) 

14). Salt to taste 


1). Pluck fresh afang leaves from the stem and wash them. 

2). Dry the leaves for about 10-15 minutes.

3). While the afang leaves are drying, pluck, wash and slice the water leaves using a cutting board then set it aside. 

4). Bring the afang leaves from the sun. 

5). Slice the afang leaves into tiny pieces, turn them into a bowl, and set them aside.

6). Wash assorted meat, snails, and clams. Snail should be washed with alum and salt to cut off the slime. 

7). Season meat, stockfish head, snails, and clams with onions and pepper.

8). Take the cow leg or tail, put it into a pot, fill the pot with 1.5 liters of water to cover the meat, and put it on fire.

9). Cook for 15 minutes. Do not add salt to cow leg or tail until it's soft. 

10). While the cow leg or tail is on fire then slice the afang leaves into a mortar and pound with a pestle, into a paste. 

11). After 15 minutes of cooking the cow leg or tail,  turn in the goat meat and stockfish into the cow leg or tail with 1 liter of water, adding more water intermittently if necessary.

12). After 15 minutes of cooking the meat, add prepared snails and clams. 

13). Add water leaves, stir with spoon, cover and allow to steam for about 2 minutes.

14). Add the afang leaves, stir and cover the pot.


Credit: Sage001