How To Prepare Banga Soup

Ingredients for banga soup, banga soup recipe, and how to cook banga soup

Banga soup is a soup savored in Nigeria particularly in Delta State.  It is made up of palm nut fruit, it has its origins from Delta state, Nigeria. 
Banga soup can also be referred to as palm nut soup and it's delicious when properly cooked. 
The preparation processes are what I will list below; 

1). 500g assorted parts of meat
2). 225g stockfish (pre-soaked) 
3). 225g Bush meat (washed) 
4). 1kg oil-palm nuts
5). 225g ground crayfish 
6). 1pt stock or water
7). 225g ground melon
8). 100g ground pepper
9). 1 onion (sliced) 
10). Salt to taste.


1). Place the washed meat in a large pot.

2). Add a drop of water or stock, season with salt and ground pepper, and boil for 30 minutes or until tender. 

3). Add the smoked fish and stockfish, cook for another 10 minutes.

4). Prepare the oil-palm nut to extract the oil by boiling the washed nuts for 20 minutes until soft. 

5). Remove from water and pound to remove the oil. 

6). Pass through a sieve to separate the kernels from the chaff. 

7). Pour the strained pulp into the meat together with the sliced peppers, onions, tomatoes puree, and ground melon. 

8). Sprinkle in the crayfish and cook for 15 minutes until the soup is fairly reduced and thickened to coat the back of the spoon. 

When ready, you can serve with eba, fufu, or rice.


Credit: Sage001