How To Prepare Catfish Pepper Soup

Catfish pepper soup, How to prepare catfish pepper soup.

Catfish pepper soup is the desired food mostly by Nigerians, being sold in local canteens, bars, or even a restaurant. But today, I will write about how you can prepare it to your own taste at home.  
The steps are as follows; 

1). Catfish
2). Onions 
3). Maggi
4). Cray fish
5). Salt to taste 
6). Cray fish
7). Garlic(if you like) 
8). Pepper to your taste
9). Palm oil(a little quantity will do) 
10). Utazi(bitter stuff) 
11). Scent leaves. 


1). First, wash the fish with hot water and keep it in a separate bowl. Before that, you need to split open the stomach and get rid of unwanted stuff. 

2). Pour water into a pot and start boiling with your gas cooker.

3). Add a little amount of palm oil,  Maggi(seasoning), crayfish, garlic, pepper, and salt. 

4) Drop the already washed whole fish into the boiling pot and cook for eight(8) to fifteen(15) minutes.

5). Slice the utazi and scent leaves then spray them evenly in the pot and cook for another five(5) minutes.

6). Serve hot then get a bottle of your favorite wine to get seated.


Credit: Sage001