How To Prepare Delicious Nigerian Fried Rice

Here is a description on how to prepare Nigerian Fried rice

Rice is the most popular staple food grain in Nigeria and other countries. It is eaten by a large population. It could be eaten as jollof rice, white rice, coconut rice, palm oil rice, ofada rice, and fried rice. I prepare more white rice and jollof rice. Fried rice which is a special delicacy is prepared only on special occasions such as birthday celebrations, Christmas, Easter, etc. Fried rice is a delicious but yet simple recipe. It’s so simple to prepare. It involves stir-frying already parboiled rice in a ton of vegetables.


The first step in preparing delicious and good-looking fried rice is selecting the appropriate type of rice. There are two forms of rice. These are the short-grain rice and the long-grain rice. Choosing the type of rice to use is an important decision because your choice affects the outcome of the rice. I have prepared fried use using the short-grain rice and using the long-grain rice and I saw the difference. In my own opinion, the best type of rice for fried rice is long-grain rice. This is because the long-grain rice holds its shape and stays separate when it is stir-fried as compared to the short-grain rice.

                       NIGERIAN FRIED RICE RECIPE

·      Long-grain rice

·      Vegetable oil

·      Green beans

·      Spring onions

·      Carrots

·      Green pepper

·      Sweet corn

·      Garlic powder

·      Ginger powder

·      Seasoning

·      Gizzard and Liver

·      Chicken broth

·      Onions

·      Tumeric powder

·      Curry

·      Thyme

·      Salt


1.   Wash the long-grain rice thoroughly. Place in a pot, add some water, cover, and boil for 15-20 minutes.

2.   Drain the rice using a sieve.

3.   Wash all your vegetables and dice neatly.

4.   Dice your gizzard and liver into small pieces.

5.   Place a pot on the heat source and add some vegetable oil.

6.   Start frying your vegetables. Start by adding your onions and some curry. Then add your green beans, spring onions, green pepper, and carrots.

7.   Add some seasoning, curry, thyme, turmeric, ginger, and garlic powder, and some salt and stir.

8.   Add your parboiled rice and reduce the heat source. Stir carefully with your wooden spatula so that the rice mixes with the sauce.

9.   Add your chicken or beef broth. Cover and let it cook for 5-10 minutes.

10.  Add your sweet corn and your diced gizzard and liver. Stir and cover for a while. Turn off the heat source when the rice is fully cooked. Your sweet and delicious fried rice is ready to be served. Serve hot with chicken, fish, coleslaw, or meat.

Cooking fried rice is so easy. Don’t forget to try out this recipe. When you do, kindly drop your comment.