How To Prepare Natural And Organic Beverages For Your Family At Home

This article is a careful and comprehensive, step by step approach to get a healthy natural food drink. Read it and come back to thank me.

I have been giving all-natural beverages to my family for 4 years, and I have never had a course to worry about sickness. So, I'm here to share the tips on how I do it here. If you are that person who cares about his or her family's health, don't skip this article. This is because you will discover a wholly organic way to refresh your family without harming them with dangerous chemicals.


Soya Beans.................. 1 painter

Unripe Plantain............. 4 large

Roasted Groundnut...... 2½ Cups

Crayfish......................... 2 Cups

Dried fish....................... 1 medium size

Dried Death Fruit........... 1 Cup

Dried Tiger Nut.............. 2 Cup

Ginger............................ 5 Stem

Note that you will get over 5kg of the beverage with the above amount of ingredients. This equals about 5 tins of large powdered milk or chocolate. The good news here is that the formula is all in one. Just add it in a cup and pour warm water, viola! You are good to go.

Since the beverage is going to be in powdered form, all the ingredients are going to be in dried crispy states. This will ensure that it doesn't get moisture and decay. It will make it easy to keep. So here are the steps in processing each of the ingredients, and arriving at the beverage proper.


How To Process The Soya Beans

1. Wash the soya beans with very clean water and pour them into a large pot.

2. Pour enough water that will cover it very well, so that it won't dry until it becomes soft.

3. Place it on the burner and heat it until it becomes soft.

4. Sieve the already soft soya beans and allow them to cold down.

5. Squeeze hard enough to pill off the back of the soya beans.

6. Wash and sieve again.

7. Spread in the sun until it is very dry.


Steps On How To Process The Plantain

1. Pill the unripe plantain.

2. Slice it into pieces preferably in flat shapes.

3. Place the sliced plantain in the sun.

4. Allow to dry very well and become crispy.


How To Process The Groundnut

Although you may wish to buy already processed groundnut, in situations where you prefer to roast it yourself, you can follow these simple steps.

1. Pour the groundnut into a bowl and add water.

2. Allow it to soak in the bowl overnight or for 6-8 hours.

3. Sieve and spread in the sun for 1 hour to enable water to dry off the surface.

4. Place a dry Pot on a burner and heat.

5. Pour the groundnut and stir often to prevent it from burning.

You can use dry sand to prevent it from burning easily. The sand will also make the groundnut done faster. To achieve that, you can pour some sieved sand into the pot and heat it until it is hot enough. Then add the groundnut and stir until it dries. Then you separate it from the sand.

6. Place the dry groundnut in a tray pan and give it a mild squeeze, hard enough to remove the shell. Then, keep it on one side take another ingredient.


How To Process The Tiger Nut

You may also wish to buy dried Tiger nuts because you can get them from the market. However, you may prefer to do the processing yourself, it is simple. Simple steps to follow:

1. Wash with very clean water and trim off the unwanted parts.

2. Take your time to cut them into pieces. You may cut each into three or four parts. This will enable it to dry faster.

2. Spread it in a tray pan and place it in the sun.

3. Allow it to seat in the sun long enough to dry into crispy substances.

4. When it dries very well keep it and move to another ingredient.


How To Process The Ginger

The need to include ginger in the formula is to help prevent cold in the family. So, as you prepare a refreshing food drink, you are also making it medicine. You know, people say prevention is better than cure. So, prepare the ginger in these simple steps

1. Peel off the back of the ginger.

2. Cut into small pieces so that they will dry up faster.

3. Allow to dry into a crispy substance, then keep it too and proceed.


How To Process The Date Fruit

The date fruit is a good source of potassium. Adding to the formula will ensure the supply of that nutrient to your body. So, in order to prepare it so that it can be used, follow these steps:

1. Buy the fresh date fruit.

2. Wash to remove any form of bacteria or other germs and worms.

3. Place them in a tray and keep them under the sun.

4. Allow to dry and then, peel the useful part and throw the seed away.

5. Keep the peeled substance safe.

Please note that you can also buy dried date fruit in the market. But if you prefer to prepare everything you cook yourself, the above procedure is for you.


The Crayfish

Although, the crayfish are supplied dried, to prepare them for easy grinding, make sure you also dry them also. You can also place them in a pot and heat them to remove moisture.

Please note that you can choose to add some sugar to the formula, but that is to your taste. There's no particular measurement it should be.

It is also my pleasure to inform you that the process for preparing each of the ingredients can be done simultaneously. If you have enough drying vessels like a tray pan, you can do the drying side by side. It is not necessarily done one after the other.

When you're sure that all the ingredients are moisture-free, you can place the dry pot on the burner, again and heat it up for some time. Pour the mixture of all the ingredients together in the heating pot and stir continually. That's when you are ready to go for milling or using the food processor.

Heating them together will endure no germs, worms or bacteria still left. After doing that, you can take it to the mill. If you have a food processor, it's preferable. This is because you will be sure it is milled in the most hygienic environment.

Please ensure that the formula is as fine as possible so that it will absorb very well in water whenever you want to drink. With the above procedure, you are sure to get a whole natural beverage that may also keep you away from the hospital.