How To Prepare Nigerian Meat Pie Without An Oven

This article contains a description on how to make Nigerian Meat pie without an oven

Growing up, one of my favorite pastries has been meat pie. I prefer it to other pastries because of its unique taste. I could devour about 2 to 3 meat pies at a go. This is to tell you how much I love them. They taste heavenly, especially if prepared well. Sadly, most people don’t know how to prepare this yummy meat pie to my satisfaction.

As I grew older, I signed up for a baking class. I had always had a passion for cooking and baking. It was my calling. I wanted to learn how to prepare all sorts of pastries most especially my dear meat pie. I wanted to learn how to prepare them so I could make them all for myself and devour them. I wanted to know how to make those meat pies sold in eateries that were of top-notch quality. However, not all of them were tasty. Just a few eateries sold nice meat-pies. Eateries like Mr. Biggs and a few others.

I was so glad the day my boss thought me how to prepare meat pie. I listened and watched her carefully with rapt attention. I paid attention to every detail. I watched how she prepared the fillings and how she kneaded the dough. After learning, I was told to try it out at home but there was an obstacle. I didn’t have an oven so I couldn’t bake. To the shame of the devil, she taught me how to bake them without using an oven and it worked perfectly well. The end product was a tasty, crispy and delicious meat pie.

In this article, I would be sharing the recipe I used in preparing my yummy meat pie and the way to bake them even without an oven.


• Flour -500g

• Butter – 200g

• A pinch of salt

• ½ -1 cup of cold water



• 2-3 Irish potatoes

• Carrots

• Minced meat

• Onions

• Spring onions

• Green beans

• Cinnamon powder

• Seasoning

• Curry

• Thyme

• Salt

• Groundnut oil

• Water (2 tablespoons)

• Flour ( 1 tablespoon)



1. Prepare the dough. Mix the flour, salt, and butter. Make into crumbs and then add some water :

a. Wash and dice your Irish potatoes, carrots, onions, spring onions, and green beans.

b. Parboil your diced potatoes in another pot and drain.

c. Place your frying pan on the heat source and add a tablespoon of groundnut oil

d. Add your onion, fry for a while, and add some curry.

e. Add your moved meat and stir.

f. Add your green beans and spring onions.

g. Add the potatoes and add a tablespoon of water. Reduce the heat source and allow to cook for a while.

h. Add your salt, seasoning, cinnamon, and thyme.

i. Add some flour to make your filling uniform and add some water.

j. Stir and bring down the frying pan.

k. Your filling is ready. Allow cooling.

2. Cut out the dough into your desired size and add your filling. You can use a meat pie cutter for this purpose.

3. Seal the edges with some egg wash. This is to prevent the edges from opening.

4. Brush the surface of the meat pie with some egg wash to give a luster appearance.

5. Use your fork to insert some holes in the meat pie before baking. This allows it to bake well.

6. Bake!



To bake without an oven, you would need a heat source which could be a stove or a gas cooker. You would also need a big pot and a baking pan that can fit into the pot. Arrange your meat pies in the baking pan. Ensure you grease the pan to avoid the pies from sticking to it. Get some clean sharp sand and put it in the pot. Heat for a while at reduced heat before putting it in the baking pan. Cover the pot firmly and bake for 20-25 minutes at reduced heat. Your crispy Nigerian meat pie is ready to be devoured!