How To Prepare Nigerian Spinach Stew

This article contains a description on how to prepare the Nigerian spinach stew popularly known as "Efo riro"

Nigerian spinach stew is also known as “Efo riro”. It is a Yoruba delicacy and it is prepared with spinach leaves. It is also called vegetable soup. It is typically eaten in the western part of Nigeria. Spinach stew is best eaten with amala, pounded yam, and eba.

Preparing Nigerian spinach stew is as easy as ABC. It is one of the cheapest and easiest soups to prepare. It doesn’t take time too. In less than 30 minutes, your soup is ready. In this article, I would be sharing my recipe for preparing the Nigerian spinach stew and the steps to prepare it.

Recipe For Nigerian Spinach Stew:

·     Spinach leaves

·     Eru (commonly known as locust beans)

·     Scotch bonnet pepper

·     Onions

·     Tomatoes

·     Crayfish

·     Seasoning

·     Salt

·     Smoked fish

·     Meat

·     Ponmo

·     Palm oil



1.  Wash your meat thoroughly and boil until soft. Ensure you spice your meat with some onions and seasoning before boiling. Remove/separate the meat and keep the broth aside.

2.  Slice your spinach leaves into small sizes and soak in hot water for 5 minutes. After soaking it, wash thoroughly with cold water and rinse. Drain the leaves with a sieve and set them aside.

3.  Wash your scotch bonnet pepper, onions, and tomatoes thoroughly. Ensure that the quantity of pepper is more than the tomatoes. Just use a few tomatoes. After washing them, blend for a few minutes. Do not blend it completely. Some people prefer to pound their pepper, tomatoes, and onions in a mortar as this gives the soup a nice look.

4.  Wash a pot and place it directly on your heat source. Add some palm oil and bleach for 2 minutes.

5.  Slice some onions while the oil is bleaching and pour into the pot. Add the blended tomatoes, onions, and pepper thereafter. Stir and allow to fry.

6.  Add some locust beans and stir.

7.  Wash your ponmo, dice, and add to the stew.

8.  Wash your crayfish and add to the stew. Also, add some salt and some seasoning. Allow frying for a while.

9.  Add your meat, smoked fish, and some broth. Stir very well and taste. If the seasoning and pepper are okay, you can proceed to the next step. If not, add some more seasoning and pepper.

10.       Add your spinach leaves and mix gently. Mix your spinach leaves with the stew to ensure uniformity.

11.       Allow to cook for a while and turn off the heat source.

12.       Serve with rice, amala, pounded yam, or eba.


So you see, preparing spinach stew is as easy as ABC. You can choose to spice up your soup by adding other ingredients like stockfish, smoked catfish, prawns, etc. Don’t forget you shouldn’t overcook the vegetables to retain their nutrients.



There are some health benefits of eating spinach leaves. Some of these include:

1.  It is rich in important nutrients such as vitamin, C and K, iron, and calcium.

2.  It contains an antioxidant that helps to lower the blood glucose level. Hence, reducing the risk of diabetes.

3.  It helps in the prevention of cancer.

4.  It helps in the prevention of asthma

5.  It helps to lower blood pressure.