How to prepare the Puff-Puff

Puff-Puff recipe and How to prepare the Puff-Puff in full detail.


This is one of the most popular snacks you can ever find in Nigeria. Puff-puff is actually one of my favorite snacks. Back then when I was in school, I would use my lunch money to buy about 5 pieces of puff-puff. They were so big and were sold for ten nairas each. Puff-puff is best eaten when hot. Although, some people also enjoy it when it is cold. Puff-puff is one of the easiest and cheapest snacks to prepare. It is made up of basic ingredients like flour, sugar, and yeast. It is deep-fried.


Recipe for Puff-Puff: 

Flour -250g

Sugar- 50g

Nutmeg - 1/2 teaspoon

Instant Yeast - 1/2 teaspoon 

Milk flavor - 1/2 teaspoon

Salt to taste

Lukewarm water

Groundnut oil for frying 


How to prepare the Puff-Puff:

Measure all your dry ingredients and place them in a bowl. These include your flour, sugar, nutmeg, salt, and milk flavour. Sieve your dry ingredients using a sieve. Mix using your hand or a spatula. When all the dry ingredients are fully combined, add some lukewarm water until you obtain the right consistency. It should be noted that the expected outcome should not be too thick or too watery batter. Mix well until the batter is smooth.

After mixing, cover the puff-puff batter with a piece of cloth and keep it in a warm place for about 30 minutes. This is to allow the batter to rise. This is achieved by the presence of the yeast. After the batter has doubled in size, it's time to start frying. Get your deep hollow frying pan and add a generous amount of groundnut oil.

Remember that puff-puff is meant to be deep-fried. Heat the oil for a while and then start adding the batter using a scoop or your hands to give it a rounded shape. Flip the sides while frying. Endeavor to fry at medium heat. Place in a sieve after frying so that the oil can be drained. Serve and enjoy! 

Credit: Nky30