How To Protect Yourself As A Woman

There are a lot of reasons why women should learn to protect themselves. Read on to find out why, and how to protect yourself as a woman. 

The world is gradually becoming an unsafe place to live. Gone are the days when strangers could be trusted with no hard feelings. Nowadays, almost every headline in the news is related to one bad happening or the other. In this write-up, we'll be focusing on the following:

*Why are women classified under vulnerable persons?
*Why is it important for women to safeguard, and protect themselves?
*What is self-defense?
*How can women protect themselves?

Why are women classified as vulnerable persons?

A vulnerable person is one who is weak and easily hurt, either physically or emotionally.
Women are classified as vulnerable persons because of this fact.  
Women are seen as weaker vessels in virtually every part of the world. It is quite difficult for everything, including discussions, to not boil down to gender differences, with women on the receiving end.


Why is it important for women to safeguard and protect themselves?

As we have earlier stated, the world is fast becoming an unsafe place to be. Under normal circumstances, women are naturally vulnerable. In these tense times, the situation is worse. 
Where it becomes dangerous is when women are physically threatened, and because of their lesser strength, it might seem as if they will be unable to defend themselves.
However, when we hear stories of brave women who are not just physically but mentally and emotionally fit, we can't help but imagine ourselves in such situations and possessing such strength.
It's one thing to be a woman, naturally, but it's another, and an even bigger issue, when you're ignorant of the basic protection skills you ought to possess. This is where self-defense(self-protection) comes into the picture(action). 


What is self-defense? 

Basically, self-defense is the act of protecting oneself against external threats or attacks.
The fact that women are more prone to receiving violence makes it all the more important for them to learn how to defend themselves.

How can women protect themselves?

1. Physically, by learning basic self-defense skills. like kicking the attacker in vulnerable areas, supplying a hard blow to the nose, etc.
This is the point where the importance of a few martial arts classes will be underscored. In some countries, it is compulsory for women to undergo basic martial arts training. So what are you waiting for?
2. Using common sense: Avoid lonely roads, especially at night. These places are normally hide-outs for people with evil intentions. Don't put yourself in compromising situations that will leave you stranded. This way, you can have a good chance at avoiding the unwanted. 
3. Shout for help when confronted by the attacker.
4. Always have a pepper spray handy, it could buy you time to run.


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