How to smile through disappointment

A short story on how I got disappointed and how I overcame it.

How to smile through disappointment

It staggeringly occurred to me, that nobody had asked. Nobody said, hello my friend, how's the processing going? Nobody bothered with me, as regards my accommodation. 

Everyone knows how tedious it is to get accommodation, everyone knows! But nobody bothered to ask, nobody said, hello dear, I remember when you were so keen on my accommodation and we searching for people and places, luckily I got one, how about you?

The realization or reality of their lack of concern shook me. At first, I was annoyed, it did not make sense. Inquiring from me should be a basic thing like how is your health, but nobody bothered. Even the ones, that I kept updating on my progress at some point.

I have dealt with disappointment at many points, and need I say, that it has dealt with me. But, I am not angry or even slightly annoyed. To an extent, I figured out that it was a human thing to do, to ask about the things that you feel have essence to you, to ask about things that might make you laugh or feel better, but never about the ones that have no direct value. 

It's a 'human' thing to do, and I can't disown all my friends, for a simple or deliberate omission or lack of concern.

It's logical, but it makes no sense. How to smile through disappointment? 

Accept things as they are, and look for the bright and optimistic side in everything.