How to stay healthy without visiting the hospital

Read through if you want to stay healthy at all times.


Staying healthy has been one of the ultimate goals of everyone due to the high cost of solving health-related issues in the hospital, clinics, or pharmacies nowadays.

The cost of drugs and their service also in Nigeria has shown the concern for staying healthy at all times. The body system is built in a way that blood flows through all body parts. This is also known as circulation. If the content of your blood is full of viruses, parasites, or bacteria, it is also seen in your physical appearance which may result in ill-health conditions.


Are you concerned about ways to stay healthy, then this article will guide you through the steps of obtaining good health without visiting the hospital for more than 7years.


What is good Health?

Good health is the state of being normal without experiencing health-related issues.  The major factor considered before obtaining good health is the state of your immune system. The immune system in the body is a defense mechanism against diseases and illness.

 It helps provide antibodies or vitamins which are been released during the state of body abnormality. The disease and illness are only physically reflected on the individual when the body's immune system is weak and no longer capable of producing antibodies anymore.


Hence, we shall focus on the steps to stay healthy in the following points listed below.

Drink a lot of water every day.

Drinking water every day helps to promote body balance and internal lubrication in the body system. It is advisable to take water early in the morning after rising from bed and before sleep in order to stay healthy without visiting the hospital. One can take up to four liters of water in between intervals.


Avoid eating contaminated foods.

Contaminated foods contain microscopic organisms which may be transported by air or physical means which also comes with health-related issues. And hence it is advisable to always cover your food when not ready to eat in order to stay healthy without visiting the hospital.


Regular intake of fruits

Fruits contain antibodies or vitamins needed by the body to build the immune system. Hence it is a major factor to recharge your immune system in order to stay healthy at all times. It is recommended by medical experts to take fruits after every meal of hours.

Fruits like oranges, paw-paw, watermelon e.t.c aids to protect the body's defense mechanism.


Taking balanced diet

A balanced diet is a meal containing all the six classes of foods such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats, and oil, water, and minerals in their right proportions as it helps maintain body balance. It is advisable by health experts to ensure that our meal is made up of a balanced diet in order to stay healthy at all times.


Body Hygiene

Observing body hygiene practices aids to promote healthy living without visiting the hospital. Hence hygienic practices such as regular bathing (3 times a day), regular brushing, and washing of our wear also help to promote healthy living. Regular bathing helps to get rid of sweat on the skin or body surface which may cause body odor if not properly taken care of.


Taking care of the environment

The environment constitutes 80% of healthy living. A good environment creates no space for microscopic organisms to stay and hence it is also recommended by health experts to keep our external and internal environment neat and tidied at all times in order to promote good healthy living without going to the hospital for years.



All the above-mentioned being carried out are just only preventive measures to good health. It is advisable to ask the giver of good health which is Jesus Christ if you are a Christain after carrying out the above practices effectively in order to stay healthy.


Regular health checkup

Regular health checkup reveals to you the status of your health by the doctor. In this, the doctor tells you the contents of your body system and suggests ways to improve it. It is important not to lie to your doctor in this case he or she reveals to you the minerals lacking in your body.


Use of body protection

Body protections such as anti-bacterial creams inform of body lotion and hair cream is advisable to be used in order to stay healthy without visiting the hospital.


Watch what you eat and drink

Before you eat any meal in a public place ensure good health practices are carried out during the cooking process before intake as everyone's body system is sensitive. Likewise is it advisable to check what your drink as well in order to promote healthy living?


Regular exercise

Regular exercise helps to keep the body fit at all times hence it gives no bedroom for sicknesses. It is advisable to carry out regular exercises at least three times a week.

Why must we take care of the body?

After considering the above points to stay healthy, there is another question of why we must take care of the body.


So as not to fall ill.

Failure to take care of the body leads to regular visits to the hospital.


So as to avoid death.

There are some illnesses that are expensive to treat if you are not financially buoyant it might lead to the death of such an individual.


So as to obtain body balance.

Healthy hygienic practices aids maintain body balance. This is why it is important to take care of your body.


So as to live long.

It is often said the length of long life is correlated to the healthy hygienic practices listed above. If you watch your health, you will live long.


So as to be physically fit.

A physically fit person can stay a long time before he or she visits the hospital. It is recommended to always carry out physical exercises.



The need for good health in our society has become a very important subject to be considered personally by individuals and the government. The government needs to provide good health facilities for the masses in order to promote good health and on the other hand the individual concerned must also ensure good health practices in order to stay healthy as failure to do so will lead to regular visits to the hospital.