How to wash and maintain your jeans

How to wash and maintain your jeans.

The following will be brief and short tips on handling your cherished jeans. Keep in mind, that I will be making another post at a later date, in which I will go in-depth on the types of jeans and the various ways of caring for them.


1. Wash your jeans inside out. To minimize wear and tear. Also, wash in a cool setting to minimize color run.

2. Use vinegar to maintain the blue color of your jeans. You can do this by, adding a cup of distilled white vinegar to your washing water and soak for an hour and a few minutes. The smell will fade out when you hang your jeans to dry.

3. Leave your jeans to air dry.

4. Water will wash the color of your jeans and soap will speed up the process of decoloring your jeans.

5. As mentioned earlier water will cause your jeans to fade, that's irrespective of whether it is hot or cold. Apart from decoloration, water will also cause your jeans to shrink.

6. A good way to maintain your jeans apart from vinegar, is to steam them from your shower.

6. Ensure that before you put your jeans in the machine all the zips are done properly.

7. Tumbling will abet wear and tear.

8. As mentioned earlier, it is best advised to air dry your jeans rather than continuously use a dryer. High temperatures can also shrink your jeans.

9. Did you know you can freeze your jeans? Yes, you can. Place your jeans in a freezer for a few hours to eradicate the awful smell.

10. Use a fabric conditioner.