Inspiring: See How Bill Gates Explains Why He Will Not Assent To His Daughter Marrying A Poor Man

Read this article, if you wish to know yourself better. It explains what it means to be rich or poor.

Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the whole world. He was the richest before he decided to resign as the CEO of Microsoft Corporation to pursue a passion.

He is now into humanitarian work where he seeks to end suffering on earth, especially in the developing world. The work he is doing through his Melinda Gates Foundation, with his ex-wife, Melinda. He did not end his work for humanity there, he is a foremost advocate for the battle against climate change. His effort to reduce the mortality rate in mother and child is out of this world.

In this article, you will be amazed how he explained the two terms Poverty and wealth using his daughter's marriage. He was asked by a lady in a conference if he would accept his daughter to tie the nut with a poor man.


He replied in these inspiring lines we are going to analyze in this article. So, read and get invigorated.

Bill Gates was one of the speakers at a business conference somewhere in the US. During the question and answer section, a lady asked him the above question. Read the exact question, "If He, the richest man in the world could accept his daughter marrying a poor or modest man."

And his reply goes, "First, understand that wealth doesn't mean having a busy bank account." He said that wealth doesn't mean having a lot of money in your bank. Rather it means having the ability to create something out of seemingly nothing.


A wealthy young man is not a person driving around with Porsche cars, going from club to club popping expensive wine. It is a man who is moving from company to company asking to help them solve one problem or the other.

He used a lottery to illustrate what poverty looks like. For example, most jackpot winners end up more miserable than they were before their winnings.

The reason is that they are poor, but have some money. Bill Gates Gates refers to them as poor guys with a lot of money. The wealthy guys without money, he explained as prospective business owners. The entrepreneurs don't look like it at the moment.

They go about selling solutions not asking for free things or money. The rich dudes without money do not believe that government has anything to offer, jobs, Ioan, grants, or whatever. A wealthy guy despite how it may look does not think anyone owes him anything. He doesn't believe in excuses or even blames games.


He is completely responsible for his life; winnings or losses. You remember the character, Rich Dad in Robert Kiyosaki's 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'. He drove just a pickup van but built chains of companies.

A wealthy guy can be working on a construction site but focused on the goal he wants to achieve from there. It could be a possible means of funding a little dream.

Once he is okay, he leaves the place. Although most people will call him stingy, soon they may see him differently. He believes that only what he needs to create wealth is information and nothing else.


I still remember a guy we fondly refer to as, 'Bon Jour' during my surgeon in the Southern part of the country. That name was derived from the subject he taught as a teacher. I never got to know his real name and I regret that till now.

He was teaching French in over six schools. And none of the schools are close to each other. This is how he demonstrated his wealthy mentality:

He would trek all the way to work because he was saving money to travel to France for studies. That was what he told me when I asked him why he strolls all the way.


How wrong were people about their judgment of this guy? How wrong were the commercial motorcyclists that ply that area? They mocked him every moment of the way. But little did they know he was on his journey to riches. Six years down the line, he was back from France armed with wealth and knowledge.

The same motorcyclists that mocked him were trampling over each other to have contracted to transport his cement to the site. He was building a polythene factory in his hometown that would employ only his people.

Bill Gate in answering the lady's question differentiated the rich and the poor with the following words: 'The rich can die to become rich, while the poor can kill to become rich.


So, next time you see corrupt political office holders, you are obliged to ignore them. This is because they do everything to be there, including killing, sometimes. When you see rogue spending in millions, don't be deceived to think they are rich.

They only resort to stealing because they don't know how to think and make money on their own. And that is why they would always want to perpetuate themselves. The former Microsoft boss concluded by saying, 'when I say my daughter will not marry a poor man, I do not talk about money. I'm talking about this man's ability to build/create wealth.'

I don't know if you have learned anything from the article. If you didn't, read it all over again. You are not poor because your bank account is red. But you are because you blame people for your woes.

You are poor because you don't want to improve yourself by getting skills. You wait for a white-collar, which most times don't exist. You are simply poor because are not thinking of what to do for others, but what you will get