Life as a writer

Life as a writer

I was eight years then and can still remember how I started my writing career. At first, I didn't believe it would be possible,  but I didn't want to give up. 


I started by writing short series and with time I became so much addicted to it. I turned 11 and finally got an Android phone from my parents. I started again my hobby which is writing, I started typing and posting them on my Facebook page.


I soon started getting up to 300 likes, but then something happened... I lost my Facebook account as well as my page and I stopped writing for a month. I was saddened. Very saddened. I miss all my friends there.


 I was 13 when I created a new account and started all over again, that was when I started meeting and making friends with other writers. Soon I turned 15 and slowly started losing interest in writing as a lot of fans can be rude, either complaining of late posts or others. I got discouraged and gave up.


But a miracle happened, I discovered a platform that pays writers to sign their book with them, they were a lot of them.


till now, it changed my life and boosted my writing career forever.......