Maintenance Of Good Health

This is a detailed article of how to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle.

For a person to remain healthy, he/she must maintain cleanliness around their environment. He must eat good food, drink clean and pure water, put on clean clothes, and keep his environment tidy. This method will help a lot in preventing disease outbreaks. However, keeping the surroundings/environment neat/clean is not only the sole responsibility of single individuals. It entails the total force which the household, communities, nations, and the world as a whole must do to keep a healthy and neat surrounding.

How and Ways Of Maintaining Good Health In A Community 
 Effective public health administration in a community can be achieved through the following ways; 

(1). Refuse disposal: 
Refuse are solid waste materials which are been eradicated by human uses from homes and industries into the environment. Uncontrollable refuse dump around living habitats creates awful smells, enhances development grounds for insects and rodents that spread diseases.
Refuse/debris disposal can be done in the following ways:
(i) Provision of dust bins in strategic locations.
(ii) Burning refuse in incinerators.
(iii) Dumping them in isolated areas far from human habitation.
(iv) Burying refuse in a sanitary landfill.

(2). Sewage disposal:
Sewage is wastewater materials discharged from laundries, kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, e.g urines and faeces.
Sewage disposal can be done in the following ways; 
(i) The use of squatting lavatories where digested waste is secreted from the body and liquid excrement (urine) are channeled into voluminous pits. 
(ii) The use of septic tanks where water is used to flush faeces and urine into a big tank dug in the ground.
(iii) Community treatment process where sewage from various homes is collected and treated before being discharged into oceans or rivers.

(3) Protection of Water: 
In view of numerous diseases which man can contact because of drinking unclean water,  water should be protected through the following ways; 
(i) Addition of alum to water.
(ii) Boiling of water before drinking it. 
(iii) Filtration of water on cooling. 
(iv) Addition of chloroquine to kill microscopic germs (as done in waterworks).
(v) Storage of water in clean containers.
All these should be done before water is passed through pipes into houses and other places where it is required.

(4) Protection of food:
It is true that diseases can be contracted through food. Therefore, both raw and cooked food should be properly protected. The following procedure/methods of food protection are recommended;
(i)  Keep food in refrigerators of deep freezers.
(ii) Boil or cook raw food properly before eating.
(iii) There should be an inspection of food meant for public consumption.
(iv) Washing of hands before and after eating of food. 
(v) Food can also be preserved through canning. 
(vi) Keep the environment where the food is prepared clean. 
(vii) Avoid exposure of food to flies and other micro-organisms. 

(5) Control of diseases:
Individuals can control diseases by living in a clean environment. Therefore, they can prevent diseases through the following ways; 
(i) Daily sweeping of the surroundings. 
(ii) Eating good food and a balanced diet. 
(iii) Taking of bath regularly.
(iv) Wearing clean and neat dresses. 
(v) Living in well-ventilated houses.
(vi) Cleaning of latrines and urinals with disinfectant regularly.
(vii) Cleaning of teeth regularly with toothbrush and toothpaste.
(viii) Doing exercise regularly. 
(ix) Treatment of an injury immediately or reporting same to the nearest hospital for treatment.
(x) Taking Children through the various immunizations as prescribed by doctors.
(xi) Taking no drugs except those prescribed by doctors.

These are the major ways by which we call all to maintain good health. Other ways by which we can maintain a good and healthy lifestyle are by eating good food with high-quality nutrients, avoid anything that will give you stress, be happy, sleeping regularly, drink enough water, and socialize. Ensure you do well in bringing this write-up in your daily activities.