Negative Effects Of Drug Abuse And How To Curb It

This article gives an in depth overview of the negative effects of drug abuse in the society and how to help curb it.

Drug abuse is described as the use of illegal substances or prescription or over-the-counter pharmaceuticals in ways that are not suggested or intended by the manufacturer. Individual drug users are the primary victims of drug misuse, which is a worldwide problem.

The menace of drug abuse has reached a frightening proportion and it has pervaded every sector of our society. Drugs, which are made from medicinal substances and formulated by pharmacists for the cure of people's ailments are used wrongly and abused by people across the social strata. Ergo, the intoxication of drugs can be considered a deadly challenge.

There are innumerable dangers of drug abuse. In fact, many families/individual/people have endangered the lives of their members through self-medication.

There are cases of many small children who lost their lives simply because their parents, out of ignorance, purchased drugs from chemists and even in the common markets, they used these medications on their children without a doctor's prescription.

In today's world, it is usual to observe young children with one or more deformities. This is because many pregnant women are prone to drug misuse. In some cases, the drugs may be pseudo. They simply buy drugs and use them without a doctor's prescription during pregnancy. The resultant effect of this ungainly act is that most babies are born with different deformities.

Drug abuse may cause either mental deterioration or psychological dilapidation. So, it can be said that drug abuse leads to the several psychiatric cases we have around in the country. Unbridled youths take drugs like flakka, heroine, cocaine, and narcotics which affect their brain. They take these drugs ostensibly because they want to follow a trend that is vogue and they want to be daring and bold. Consequently, most of them constitute nuisance in society and end up in psychiatric hospitals.

A country's national prestige and honor are not spared of the gruesome effect of the social malaise called drug abuse. Many citizens of a country traveling abroad are subjected to a derogatory search at the points of entry into other countries. This has destroyed our international image as many are found carriers and couriers of these hard drugs.

Legions of crimes nationwide can be connected to drug misuse.

The enormous rate of criminal activities is a pointer to the danger inherent in drug abuse. Looters, most especially, armed robbers and their likes carry out their modus operandi of robbery under the influence of drugs which makes them be so ruthless and daring in their nefarious activities.

Another social consequence of drug abuse is that it leads to road accidents.

Most drug addicts are wholly mesmerized by the effects of drugs and if they happen to be driving, they are likely to be oblivious of the countryside. Thus, a head-on collision or fatal accident may occur. Therefore, wreckage cannot be averted.

Disobedience to constituted authority is another social vice that cannot be spared out of this horrific menace regarded as drug abuse. People who tend to misuse drugs are prone to arrogance and unruly behavior both towards elders and the constituted authority of society. Drug abuse, therefore, has made negative values rampant and has left addicts to constitute a nuisance in our society.


Drug abuse can be said to be one of the major causes of terrorism in a nation.

Terrorists can be traced to be the major consumers of illicit drugs and are involved in drug trafficking. Also, research has substantiated that people who transport illegitimate drugs tend to persuade and deceive or lure other people into purchasing this disastrous item all in the name of money.

It is certain that drug abuse has posed a series of dangers to our society and the government has something to do about it. People must be educated about the dangers of drug misuse. The government should undertake a mass enlightenment campaign.

Also, effective security and regulatory measures are a good way to checkmate and curb drug abuse. Health agency sensitization and regulation on fake drugs among others will go a long way to halt this issue. Other ways of stopping drug abuse are the inclusion of drug abuse in the school curriculum and the provision of employment in order to empower the youths, thereby reducing idle hands.


An increase in moral education and awareness on the bad effects of drug abuse will help to sensitize and make people realize how harmful drug abuse is and how they can abstain from it.

Frequent guidance and counseling and enhanced relationship between parents and children will help children to be directed to the right path. Contact of appropriate medical personnel by drug users could help limit excess consumption of drugs and prevent addiction. The enactment of strict laws is not an exemption.

Strict measures can be made such as arresting and prosecution of drug dealers, an inspection of imported and exported drugs, campaigning against drug abuse, counseling arrested drug traffickers, establishing anti-drug clubs in schools, and seizure and banning of hard drugs.

In addition, the government should promulgate an edict that forbids the sales of drugs in the common markets and there should also be a decree which prevents a chemist from selling drugs to the public without prescription paper from a doctor or pharmacist. Religious bodies also have a role to play in educating the masses about the demerits of drug abuse.