Nice Nigerian meals to prepare on Sunday.

Quick and tasty Nigerian meals for Sunday.


A day for rest. A day of the church for others. A day for sleeping without worrying for others. A day of so many things, for different people depending on their choice and preference.

Irrespective of what your choices are, and what you like to do on a Sunday, one thing binds us all, the need to eat.

And according to George Bernard Shaw, 'There's no Love as sincere as the love of food, (to fill your stomach)'.

In lieu of this, this post is a pointer to quick and tasty Nigerian meals, you can prepare on Sunday.

Here's our very delicious list;

• Fried rice served with fried plantain and fried goat meat.

• Tomato fish stew served with boiled white rice.

• Garden egg stew with boiled rice

• Fish and Yam stew.

• Plantain porridge.

• Boiled rice with shredded chicken sauce.

• Fried egg, plantain, and potatoes.



Plantain porridge is the go-to meal for any kind of state. Whether you are coming from church or returning from a six days slumber or marathon sleep, plantain porridge is bae.

Being a very quick and tasty meal, it's no surprise that this meal that is very rich in vitamins is a very popular Nigerian meal.

Although, I will not go into details about the process of making the plantain porridge. Here's a list of the ingredients needed to make this tasty meal.

  • Unripe plantains.
  • Pepper ('cause what's a Nigerian meal without its spiciness?)
  • Seasoning cubes (depending on the size of the meal).
  • Onions.
  • Preferred spices.
  • Fish
  • Ugwu leaves (fluted pumpkin leaves).