Reasons for Increased Crime

The factors that highly influence criminal activities.

It’s a society marked by fluctuating economic times. People have a couple of things to do in order to survive, from the best professional jobs to the worst of all; crime. Even though there is a beefed security entirely, we cannot disregard the fact that criminal activities are part of us and very many criminals walk freely, unnoticed or not. The question that begs is why a sharp rise in the number of criminal activities. What are the driving factors? Why can’t criminal activities come to end? There are various factors that are considered key in explaining the increasing number of criminal activities:

  • High Poverty Rate

Poverty is the mother of all crimes. There are people who can’t access their daily bread because there are no employment opportunities. They can’t meet their daily financial needs and are pushed to the extremities to fend for themselves. With the rise of unemployment and shortage of jobs, most people will choose to engage in criminal activities to make ends meet. They are likely to get into looting sprees, bank robberies, and carjacking for quick money.

  •  Drug Abuse

Some people who use drugs easily get the confidence sufficient to undertake criminal activities. Drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana have for a very long time been abused. It’s almost considered that there is a sense of strength and power generated after taking these substances. Once a person achieves confidence enough for them to proceed with their activities, they will go for their targets oblivious of the outcome of such acts. Many murder criminals abuse drugs to make them feel high and courageous.

  • Rotten Judicial Systems

Court judges are mandated to provide justice by making fair judgments and rulings. However, in some cases, this is never met. Corruption inside courts has been a talk for a very long time now. Some people are likely to evade the corridors of justice because they can easily buy their freedom without question. If a criminal can walk away with their evil deeds, don’t you think they are capable of repeating the same crimes. Because of greed for money, some judges won’t let cases proceed and will terminate them as soon as there is a token provided for an exchange of the unfair judgments.

  • Peer Pressure

The truth is, many people are in competition with each other and there is the urge to belong to a certain caliber. A person would want to match the next in terms of what wealth they have. If they don’t have enough resources to achieve what they desire, they may feel like the way to go is to indulge themselves in criminality. For example, if a friend of mine buys a car today, I may think it’s a must for me to own a car to match their standards. If I don’t have money, what would I do?

  • Unemployment

Being unemployed for a long time can be frustrating especially if that’s all begets one’s survival. Economic situations can be a hard nut to crack as unemployment leads to poor living conditions. Lack of jobs with piling bills; house, water, electricity, medical, and food can make one go crazy. Furthermore, there is an increased dependency on the employed by the unemployed. Such frustrating conditions can lead to criminal activities for a mere living.