The Footballer that got a life ban because of his goal celebration

The Story Of Giorgos Katidis, The Footballer Who Got A Lifetime Ban Because Of His Goal Celebration.

1. The Story Of Giorgos Katidis, The Footballer Who Got A Lifetime Ban Because Of His Goal Celebration.


Giorgos Katidis is a greek player who plays for Gamma Ethniki club Irodotos as an attacking midfielder. The 28yrs player accustomed to be a really promising player for Greece, captaining them at youth levels before an unfortunate incident got him a life ban by the Greek soccer Federation in 2013. The player was 28yrs at that point, he scored the winning goal for AEK Athens against Veria and small did he grasp that his goal celebration was attending to place him in a very ton bother. Katidis extended his right arm from the neck into the air with a straightened hand. This is a gesture called the "Nazi Salute" that was adopted within the 1930s by the Nazi Party to signal obedience to the party's leader, Adolf Hitler and to glorify the German nation. That celebration caused a great deal of shock and criticism for the player and he denied doing the celebration with the intention of doing a 'Nazi salute'. He claimed he simply pointing to a fan who was within the stands. "I am not a fascist and wouldn't have done it if I had familiar with what it meant," he aforesaid on his Twitter page. Even his coach supported him and claimed that the player didn't grasp what it meant. "He is a young player who doesn't have any political ideas. He presumably saw such a salute on the web or elsewhere and did it while not knowing what it means that," he said. However, there are consequences for each action a person takes and Katidis paid an important worth for his celebration. Whether or not he knew what he was doing or not did not matter. The Greek soccer federation interpreted his celebration as "a severe provocation" that affronted "all the victims of Nazi bestiality". As a result of that, they prohibited him from ever representing the country of Greece in any sporting activity.

It's an unfortunate story for the young lads at that period and therefore the player has solely himself in charge for it. However, he still plays soccer for his club. The sad thing is that, the promise he had that he will become a good and great player for his National team Greece never became a reality. A tragedy for him and for his nation (Greece soccer.)

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