The Mystery of New Year's Resolutions

Irrespective of the reason behind the New Year’s resolutions, it provides us with an opportunity “to examine ourselves on what we would want to achieve and how to accomplish it”. 

The Mystery of New Year's Resolutions

Yay! It’s a new year! Happy New Year!

We hear the loud fireworks and the celebration sounds once it clocks midnight. At the stroke of the clock thousands and millions of decisions are made, some of which are prayers, gifting, or perhaps rekindling a past relationship but in most cases, declaring what you want or desire to accomplish during the year.

Those declarations that you made at the beginning of the New Year are termed to be New Year Resolutions whether they are intentional or not. 

Believe it or not, it is a fact backed up with the definition of a resolution, which according to the New Oxford Dictionary which is “a strong will, determination.” Thus, by having the determination to become a better person, you have made a “resolution”, though it might not necessarily be at the beginning of a New Year, it could also be at the end of the year and the beginning of a New Month or at any point in time as a person lives.

Some individuals make a social declaration about their New Year’s resolution while others keep it to themselves. The process of doing either does not affect the degree of the resolutions being achieved. 

Yes, it doesn’t!

You might have some thoughts that because your neighbor made his New Year’s resolutions publicly, must be why he has been able to achieve anything by the 2nd quarter of the year. It is of due note that, any individual who does not put proper actions to play, might not achieve his or her resolutions even if done privately.

A survey has it that out of 88% of individuals who make New Year’s resolutions, 80% of them forget about their resolutions at the beginning of February while 8% can stick with the determination of achieving their resolutions. This does not stop people from making resolutions as we have been doing for a whole 4000 years now.

After examining what the cause might be, it was discovered that the majority of people make New Year’s resolutions just for the fun of it, some make those resolutions because other people such as their friends are doing it. But some people also make resolutions intentionally for self-improvement.


Which category do you belong to?

Irrespective of the reason behind the New Year’s resolutions, it provides us with an opportunity “to examine ourselves on what we would want to achieve and how to accomplish it”. 

You might ask a question like, “Why is resolution best made on the New Year?” 

Well, just as it was stated previously, a resolution is like a clean start on a clean canvas that gives the possibility for change. It is the decision to step up your pace into achieving anything you set to achieve.

Oh great!

But isn’t it a waste of time?

The answer to that question is a “NO”, having New Year’s resolutions is not a waste of time as long as you are intentional about it. You don’t need to feel discouraged about the fact that a high number of people do not have success rates about their resolutions at the end of the year.

All you have to do is to follow these listed steps below into accomplishing your resolutions.

The first step is to have “clarity”. 

You must be sure that the New Year’s resolutions you made are things that need accomplishing in your life. 

For instance, you resolved to buy a car and you have no source of income. You can buy a car but, your resolutions must answer, “what you want to achieve”, it must also answer, “why you want to achieve it”, “what you are willing to let go of to achieve it” and “how achieving it will affect your life.”

This was what an exceptional martial artist in the world, Bruce Lee understood when setting his goals, which gave him direction in scaling through his career.

The second step is to make your resolutions “specific”.

Do not set resolutions that make you relax in achieving them. One of your New Year’s resolutions is to become fit but you didn’t state how you want to become fit – which could be by eating healthy meals or working out or both of them.


Another step is to make sure your New Year’s resolutions are achievable and measurable.

When setting resolutions, ensure that you can measure them such that when you say you want to get fit, you can do away with fatty foods, and an unhealthy diet. You are also able to keep track of how many days and hours are spent working out.

You can also write down the goals in achievable bits and also keep track of your progress which helps to put things in the right order.


A vital point to take cognizance of when making New Year resolves is to emphasize your self-discipline.

You should be able to “add to hard work, consistency”. This means that you should not sabotage your resolutions by plainly putting efforts into work, without being consistent. 

You want to look fit just as models look and yet you perform your workout irregularly. Trust me, if you keep up with that irregular pattern of yours, you would end up losing interest in your “resolution” and before the 2nd quarter of the year, the New Year’s resolution is off your mind.


Now, if you don’t know how to make a New Year’s resolution, this point is for you.

Check yourself!

Think through the habits that have been holding you down in life, then make a contract with yourself to stop such habits, by trusting yourself not to breach the contract.

If you have a habit of smoking and you resolved to stop it, create specific goals on how to stop. Start small by reducing the number of cigarettes sticks, once you can complete the small tasks, bigger goals like “resolutions” would not seem intimidating.


In conclusion, as an individual having resolutions should be a paramount decision whether they are made on the New Year or New Month or at the end of the Year. You should not make resolutions because you were told to or to impress someone rather, it should be made intentionally. So that when days that do not make you feel like getting out of bed come, you remind yourself about the “why” and it would motivate you naturally to keep pushing in reaching the desired end.