The right shoe for the right weather.

A guide on shoes and the right kind of weather to wear them.

It will interest you to know that leather shoes are much easier to clean and they are good repellants of water, that means when the rainy season of March all the way to august starts, you have your trusty leather shoes to ease your worries of water destroying your shoes.


Popular brands that make leather shoes are Adidas, Aldo, etc.

It wouldn't also hurt to wear, your canvas or mesh shoes when the weather is hot. I mean when the Nigerian sun is shining in all its Glory ???.

You can also get canvas from vans, converse, etc.


Another material you wouldn't want to wear during the rainy season of March to August is suede shoes. No, suedes have a long beef with rain, so don't wear them out when you are extra sure it will rain. A trusty brand for suede shoes is the classic timberland.