Things You Should Never Do With Someone Else's Money

What should you not do with someone else's money?

Money is a legal tender, generally acceptable in a particular place or region as the standard form of payment and exchange.  Many times, we might entrust our money to others for safekeeping, or reasons best known to us. 

Before anyone entrusts you with their money, there are certain things he or she may have considered, but because of trust or other reasons too, they may decide to go ahead with keeping the money with you. 

It is not really easy. It is a huge responsibility, in fact, when someone does this, and you shouldn't take it for granted. The following are things you should never do with someone else's money:


1. Gamble with it:

This is especially common among men. The story was told of a man who gave his friend a certain sum of money to keep for him. The friend kept the money, but after a while, he decided to gamble with it. He won even triple the sum of money he gambled and was so happy that he told this friend of his. 

His friend felt cheated and asked for a share from the gambled return since it was the money he used to stake the bet in the first place. The gambler refused to part with the money, and a fight ensued between them. 

This is why it is strongly advised to not gamble at all, much less with money that is not yours. 


2. Claim it:

There are a lot of reasons why this should be considered the most grievous of all. There is nothing more offensive than claiming someone else's money, but that doesn't mean others are not offensive too.  

In this case, a man opened a trust fund for his three-year-old daughter when he was dying. He left the trust fund in the care of his younger brother, her uncle, with the hope that when she is of age, the uncle would hand her money over to her. However, the reverse was the case, and the girl never got to find out that she had a trust fund, with so much money in it. 

While people might argue about how wrong it is, where do you think the wicked uncle would get the reward for his dubious actions? Definitely starting from here, on earth, and after here, too, in tremendous ways. 

It is wrong to claim someone else's money as yours. If you do so, you have brought a curse upon yourself. So, avoid it at all costs. 


3. Spend it:

Well, they gave you the money for safekeeping in the first place, and not for personal use. 

Another story was told of a thrift collector who initiated money contributions from his neighbors, a few weeks to Christmas. He collected it from everyone, who happily turned their two cents in, in a bid to garner enough to celebrate Christmas with so much joy and happiness. 

However, when it was a few days to Christmas, and time for the contributors to collect their money in preparation for the celebration, the collector was nowhere to be found. He had spent their money, and, seeing no way or hope of refunding them, he fled the town. 

This shows how much of one's integrity is put to the test when someone gives you their money for safekeeping. The best thing is to protect that integrity, at all costs. 

Even if you need to spend the money at some point, you must look for a way to replace it before the time the owners would come asking for it. 


Instead of doing those negative things with someone's money, you could do the following:

1. Put it in an account:

While this might sound funny, it is actually the best way to resist temptations that always come with the awareness of being in possession of someone else's money. If possible, you could fix deposit it until the time the person has specified that they would be needing it.

This way, you wouldn't be tempted to use it in any way, and it will even be safe from thieves. Plus, it would even yield an interest after a period of time. 


Never trade your integrity over an encounter. To you, it might just be a little trust broken, but to the person, it is everything. Remember, it is quite difficult to build a good reputation, but very easy to lose it and get a bad one. Stand for having a good reputation like nothing else. It will help you overcome a lot. 


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