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Top 10 longest river rankings in the world

Top 10 longest river rankings in the world

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Top 10 longest river rankings in the world

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Top 10 longest river rankings in the world

In this article, we introduce the world river rankings that focus on "length"

A number of rivers flow through the world. The overseas rivers that run through the vast land are on a scale that is incomparably larger than that of your country

This time, we will introduce the world river rankings that focus on "length". What is the top longest river in the world? And what is its length?

We introduce the best rivers in the world not only in terms of length but also in terms of "beauty" and "transparency".

The length of a river is often determined by the distance from the water source to the estuary (the point where it pours into the sea or lake). However, the location of water sources and estuaries may be unclear, and there are various theories about the length of rivers in each country.

In some cases, the river names differ between upstream and downstream, and between mainstream and alternating current. In that case, the section of the river and the length of the section are described according to the same book.


1st place | Nile River (6,695km)

The longest river in the world is the Nile, which is 6,695 km. It flows north-south through the eastern part of the African continent and flows into the Mediterranean Sea through 10 countries including Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

The Nile River has been greatly involved in the development of Egyptian civilization so far. For example, it is said that the materials necessary for the World Heritage Pyramid were transported using the Nile River.

The achievement can be seen in the words "Egypt is a gift of the Nile" left by the Greek historian Herodotus.


2nd place | Amazon River (6,516km)

The second-longest river in the world is the Amazon River, which is 6,516 km long. It flows into the Atlantic Ocean across seven countries on the South American continent, including Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru.

Although it does not reach the longest river in the world in terms of total length, the basin area (the area where rain and snow flow into the river) is 7.05 million km², which is more than 18 times the land area of Japan, making it the "widest river in the world". Also called. The amount of flowing water is also the largest in the world, and the Nile is a very large river.

Around the river, there is a tropical rainforest called "the last unexplored region of the earth", which is home to many rare animals and plants.


3rd place | Changjiang (6,380km)

The Yangtze River is the largest river in China with a length of 6,380 km and is also known as the Yangtze River in Japan. Using the Tibetan Plateau as a water source, it flows through large cities such as Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai, and Nanjing, and flows into the East China Sea.

The bridges over the Yangtze River, such as the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge (pictured above) and the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, are lit up at night and are popular as tourist spots.


4th | Mississippi River-Missouri River-Red Rock River (5,969km)

The water system including the Mississippi River, which is the second-longest in the United States, and the Missouri River, which is the longest in the United States (general term including all the main and tributaries of the river) is ranked fourth.

In particular, the Mississippi River is one of the "three major rivers in the world" along with the Nile River, which ranks first, and the Amazon River, which ranks second, and the Missouri River is the longest/largest tributary of the Mississippi River.


5th | Ob River-Irtysh River (5,568km)

If the Ob River that flows through Russia includes the Irtysh River (also called the Irtysh River or Irtysh River) that originates in China as the mainstream, the total length will be 5,568 km.

Around the beginning of the 20th century, the Ob River was used as an important waterway for "Siberian development" represented by the establishment of the "Trans-Siberian Railway", which is called the longest railway in the world.


6th | Yenisei River-Lake Baikal-Selenge River (5,550km)

The Yenisei River, which flows through central Siberia in Russia. 5,550km is the length including the entire water system that connects Lake Baikal and the Selenge River.

The Yenisei River has a basin area of 2.7 million km² and is the largest river on the Eurasian continent.


7th place | Yellow River (5,464km)

The Yellow River, which is 5,464 km long, is the second-largest river in China after the Yangtze River, which is in third place. It flows from east to west in the northern part of China in parallel with the Yangtze River and flows into the Bokai.

The water of the Loess Plateau is muddy because it contains a large amount of loess (yellow soil that may fly to Japan as yellow sand) in the upper to middle reaches of the Loess Plateau, and this color is also the origin of the river name.


8th place | Congo River (4,667km)

The Congo River, which flows through central Africa, is a semi-circular river that flows through the Congo Basin, also known as the Zaire River. It flows to the Atlantic Ocean through the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo, and the Republic of Angola.

The Congo River is the eighth largest with a length of 4,667 km, but its basin area is 3.7 million km². It is the second-largest in the world after the Amazon River.


9th | Rio de la Plata-Parana River (4,500km)

The total length of the water system, from the Rio de la Plata, which flows through Argentina and Uruguay, to the Parana River, which is a tributary of the river, is 4,500 km.

The width of the Rio de la Plata is 275km at the mouth of the river, and it is called "the widest river in the world".


10th place | Amur River-Ergun River (4,444km)

The length is 4,444km including the Amur River (Amur River), which straddles Mongolia, China, and Russia, and its tributary, the Argun River.

Because the Amur River has a dark and muddy color, it is also called Heilongjiang, Kokuhe, or Heishui in China.

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