Unhealthy friendship

Friendships are meant to make life sweeter but when it's about tears and pain, it's time to walk away.

1. Unhealthy friendship is not a good diet

Friends make you feel free, natural, and almost a complete release from the monotony of life. They make life more meaningful and maintaining such social connections can lower your risks of developing depression. Friendships shouldn’t make you feel stressed or unappreciated, but when you feel exhausted about it, walk away. 

Friends often create jokes about themselves and some teasing for toppings. It doesn’t mean they are bad, so long as you are laughing and adding to the jokes, then all is well. But when the habit becomes more of demeaning you regularly, then there is a problem, and probably that friendship isn’t healthy.

Sometimes, we gossip for our own benefit, or maybe with the mindset of pointing out or rectifying mistakes that we heard about. We also share confidential information with a mindset that our friends will not share the details. Anyone can slip and pour out the secrets of another person but an unhealthy relationship is where the friends you trusted and shared your personal information enjoy spreading your secrets around.

People have different personalities; social status, religion, education. True friendship understands that people are different and accept them just the way they are. If you want to change then it’s upon you to make the choice. 

Unhealthy relationships make you feel isolated and lonely. Any effort you try to make is unseen not even appreciated.  They don’t spend time with you. They only need your support whenever they are in need of your service but when the tables are turned; you are on your own. Such relationships affect your other relations. You can’t seem to focus on other things, your self-confidence runs low, and you sometimes blame yourself for their behavior.

It’s okay if it goes that way. You can walk away and make new friends; it’s never late to start a new relationship. Give yourself self-time to heal maybe you will feel better. If you want to retain the relationship, try talking to your friends, be open about how their behavior makes you feel. Then create a bottom line and setting boundaries on your relations, be open about behaviors that irritate you or make you feel uncomfortable. If they accept to change, is okay to offer a second chance but before that, think before getting back in touch.

Friendships shouldn’t be exhausting. They shouldn’t make you feel stressed and unappreciated. They protect, comfort, support, heal and challenge. True friendships are never easy to find and maintain, but when they happen, they are a treasure.