Varieties Of Salad And How To Prepare Them

Recipes for different types of salad you can prepare easily at home.



i ). Small Cabbage 
ii ). Ripe tomatoes ( 3 firm ripe tomatoes ) 
iii ). 2 green sweet pepper 
iv ). 3 small-sized spring onions 
v ). Mayonnaise for dressing.


i ). Take off the out leaves of the cabbage and cut the rest into quarters. 

ii ). Scoop out the heart, stalk, and coarse ribs then rinse each quarter or chop well. 

iii ). Blend in boiling water for about two minutes. 

iv ). Chop the onion and sweet green pepper well. 

v ). Slice the tomatoes and cut each into five neat pieces. 

vi ). Drain cabbage in a sieve and freshen with cold water. 

vii ). Dry on a clean napkin and put in a bowl, mix in other vegetables, and sprinkle with vinaigrette dressing. 

viii ). Serve with mayonnaise dressing, use with rice.



i ). Potatoes 
ii ). Spring onions 
iii ). Chopped parsley 
iv ). Thick mayonnaise dressing 
v ). Seasoning. 


i ). Peel, wash and cook potatoes until done but still firm. 

ii ). Drain and allow to cool for a while. 

iii ). Cut into slices or cubes when cool enough to handle. 

iv ). Put marinade that is mixed consisting of vinegar, lemon juice, oil, and flavor for 30 minutes to 1 hour. 

v ). Mix potatoes and spring onions ( chopped mayonnaise and seasoning ). 

v i ). Put the salad on the dish and sprinkle with chopped parsley.



i ). 1 large leek
ii ). 3 large carrots
iii ). 2 small red pepper 
iv ). 1½ head celery
v ). 3 medium-sized tomatoes 
vi ). ¼ white cabbage 
vii ). ½ clove garlic 
viii ). 4 tablespoon wine vinegar 
ix ). 1 tablespoon salt
x ). 5 tablespoon water
xi ). Oil 
xii ). 2 eggs. 


i ). Wash and slice the leek thoroughly.

ii ). Peel and chop the carrots into considerably small pieces.

iii ). Remove the core, pick the seed from the pepper and cut it into tiny thin strips. 

iv ). Slice the celery thing into medium size pieces.

v ). Wash and cut the tomatoes into 3 to 4 pieces.

vi ). Wash the cabbage and slice finely. 

vii ). Put the leek, carrots, red pepper, celery, tomatoes, and cabbage in a bowl and mix well together, crush the garlic clove, and put in a saucepan with the vinegar, salt, water, and oil. 

viii ). Bring to a simmer, then remove vegetables. 

ix ). Toss well together so that vegetables are coated with the dressing.

x ). Parboil the eggs when cool, remove shell and slice, garnish the salad with the egg slice, then serve.



i ). Cabbage
ii ). 2 large carrots
iii ). Lettuce 
iv ). Mayonnaise 
v ). Two cucumbers
vi ). Egg ( optional )


i ). Wash and slice the cabbage, lettuce, and cucumber. 

ii ). Cut your carrot into small cubes. 

iii ). Put all your sliced cabbage, lettuces, and cucumber in a bowl. 

iv ). Add your diced carrot to it. 

v ). Spread your mayonnaise on it. 

vi ). Cook the egg for 10 to 15 minutes and slice ( optional ). 

vii ). Put it in the freezer to freeze for some minutes. 

viii ). Serve with food or with meat, chicken, or fish.



i ). Fresh tomatoes 
ii ). Green pepper 
iii ). Cabbage 
iv ). Cucumber 
v ). Baked beans 
vi ). Boiled fish
vii ). Carrot
viii ). Boiled egg
ix ). Onions
x ). Cream preferably mayonnaise. 


i ). Wash and boil the fish with seasoning, salt, diced onions.

ii ). Rinse and slice the cabbage, cucumber, carrot, onion, tomatoes, and green pepper. 

iii ). Slice the boiled fish and egg, and then open the baked beans and mix with the vegetable.

iv ). Apply the salad cream ( mayonnaise ).

v ). Add sliced egg and fish. 

v i ). Serve, it can be eaten alone or with rice. Use some chilled yogurt to step it down. 

There you have it, the different varieties of salad and how to prepare it for consumption. Hope you enjoyed the article.