What To Do When You Fall Sick

Things to do when you fall sick

As human beings, our body systems react negatively to changes that could be influenced by internal or external factors. These factors such as environment, change in diet, sleeping habits, stress levels, etc, can make us more prone to falling sick. 

When one falls sick, it can be very difficult to cope, if one doesn't have others around to help or assist. However, there are things you should and shouldn't do when you are sick. 


Whenever you fall sick, you should do the following things:

1. Go for a test:

Don't assume through the symptoms you have, that it is one illness or the other. What if it is something life-threatening, or something more serious? The best thing for you is to visit a reputable laboratory and request a general body test. That way, you will be able to detect what is wrong with you. 


2. Take medication:

Depending on what your test results are, take the next necessary steps. If it's an illness that requires you to take the medication in order to feel better, then follow the prescription of the medical practitioner. You might even be required to be admitted, or be placed on drugs, injection, or series of drips, as the case may be. What you should have in mind is that it is for your own good, and you shouldn't try to avoid it. Also, once you start, don't skip the dosage. And don't stop it halfway. The counter-effects could be worse. Try to go through with it, so you can recover once and for all. 


3. Don't go for over-the-counter:

In a bid to avoid the sometimes exorbitant prices of drugs sold at the hospital, some people opt for the cheaper ones sold at chemist shops. They are not bad but can be risky if you do not check well enough to verify their authenticity or whether they have not exceeded their expiry date. This is why one should always be careful, and even possibly, avoid over-the-counter drugs. 


4. Avoid stress:

Sometimes, stress could be the reason why one falls sick. So one should try as much as possible to avoid stressing the body when sick, so you can recover fully. Take permission from work, school, wherever so that you can give yourself time to heal. It is bad if you force yourself to be in such places and you end up being worse than you are. Better if you take a step back, in order to make a giant leap. 


5. Eat good food:

Now is not the time to give in to your weak appetite, if you happen to have. Force yourself to eat, so that your drugs can work efficiently. Eat a lot of healthy, solid food, and take water as soon as possible. Don't wait until you feel hungry or thirsty before quenching the urge, it could lead to complications. The importance of food and regular water cannot be downplayed. 


6. Rest and sleep:

The importance of resting during the day and sleeping well at night cannot be overemphasized. This will help the drugs work well in your body without necessarily interfering with your perception of things as well as your activities. In fact, when you wake up, you will be more refreshed than ever. 


7. Stroll:

You shouldn't be locked up in a dark room, isolated from the rest of the world just because you are sick. In the evenings, you could take a short walk for a blast of fresh air. Your body will thank you for it, later on. 


8. Avoid negativity:

Finally, don't be that person who listens and watches out for only the worst in situations. Try to make the best out of everything life offers you. Pray. Sing. Laugh. Love. Approach life with a calmness that radiates to even people around you. Believe in yourself. Believe that the best is on its way already, and it will be so. 


Speedy recovery!

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