Why you should rather breastfeed your child

A write up highlighting some of the special benefits of breastfeeding.


You survived the nine months of pregnancy. You did not go to work for some months; you were at home, feeling sick all the time. Finally, labor comes and you were delivered of that baby boy or girl. So you think your worries are over. Welcome. You have only entered a new world - the world of motherhood.

The first of your worries is your child's care and nutrition. You know you have to breastfeed him, but then, you think you have too little time and energy for that. Already, you have sacrificed months for the baby, and you can hardly wait to get back on your feet.

Your husband and other relatives persuade you to breastfeed your child for a long time. You agree begrudgingly, but your patience wanes as time goes on, and by the end of the fourth month, you're thinking about weaning that little boy.


If only you knew the benefits of breastfeeding. Here are a few of what you should know.

1. Breastfeeding makes you happier and stress-free.

Postpartum depression is experienced by many mothers after giving birth. While this is absolutely normal, it is no doubt discomforting. Luckily, as you breastfeed your baby, you release more oxytocin and prolactin, relieving you of your stress. What's more, it makes you bond better with the baby. 


2. Breastfeeding lowers the risk of ovarian and breast cancer.

We know of, or at least have heard of how dangerous cancer is. Mothers who breastfeed are however less likely to develop breast cancer.


3. Enhances pregnancy weight loss.

It is no news that you can a lot of weight during pregnancy. Even after childbirth, you find out that you still weigh more than you used to do before your pregnancy.

Breastfeeding to the rescue. As your body produces breast milk, it burns a lot of calories along the way. Your uterus would also quickly return to its normal state. Instead of going through strenuous time dieting, breastfeeding solves the problem for you.


4. Helps you save money.

In the first place, formulas cannot compete with breast milk in their effectiveness. As if that is not enough, the best ones are rather costly. You would be saving yourself a good deal of money breastfeeding your baby.

Now enough about what breastfeeding does for you, let's take a look at what it does for your baby.


1. Provision of colostrum.

During the first few days after childbirth, colostrum, a thick yellowish form of milk is present in the breast milk. Though small in quantity, lasting for only a few days, colostrum contains a very high percentage of nutrients and antibodies - just what your baby needs to survive his first few days.


2. Breastfeeding boosts the baby's immune system.

Due to their weak nature, babies have a very weak immune system. It is, therefore, no surprise that many of them easily contact respiratory infections, ear infections, and even pneumonia and meningitis. Who knows how many cases could have been prevented?


3. Breast milk is easily digested.

Another point against formulas. Your baby digest breast milk easily, thereby lowering the occurrences of constipation.


4. Breastfeeding prevents diseases later in life.

 You sure want that. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of your child getting diseases like diabetes, leukemia, and obesity.


 5. Breastfeeding increases the survival rate of premature children.

Sometimes, you have a baby born before its due date Such a baby would need extra care, and breast milk can not be overemphasized in such a case.


6. Breastfeeding helps the baby sleep better.

All breastfeeding moms would testify to this. Suckle your child full, and he will curl up well into a good night's sleep. These are only a few of the many benefits you can get from breastfeeding, as opposed to formula feeding.