Worlds Top Ten Oldest University

The list below is a selection of the 10 oldest universities in the world.

The epicenter of higher education has been existing for years. But not all withstand the test of time. Over the centuries, many of the world’s oldest universities have disintegrated, split into self-governing colleges, or become modernized. The old higher institutions that exist today are important for their historic legacies.


Here we cover some of the oldest universities in the world. Most are you in Europe, with one representation from Africa.

Some universities have long been ranked as one of the oldest universities in the world. In fact, in most cases, the number of years can be counted in the hundreds of years.

Students are always wondering about the old buildings scattered around the university landscape. Why aren't these structures demolished for new ones? This is a frequently asked question.


Today we have put together a list of the top 10 oldest universities in the world, the information they need, and their official websites.

Universities value history. And most of its history is preserved in old buildings. These buildings are reminiscent of the hard work and patience it took to build a modern educational institution.

It is a testament to their resilience that they have survived wars, political turmoil, and other changes to become what they are today. That's the reason why most of the best universities are usually the oldest in the world. They simply have a history that evolves with the times.


The list below is a selection of the 10 oldest universities in the world. List of the world's top 10 oldest universities in the world


#10. University of Coimbra, Portugal

The 10th place is the University of Coimbra, which was founded in 1290. The original location of the university is Portugal al Lisbon

After several relocations due to political emergencies, we finally arrived in Coimbra, Portugal's largest city.

Ranked in the 401-410 stage in the latest QS rankings of universities around the world, the university has a student population of approximately 25,000 and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to some historic buildings and classical architecture of the school in 2013. Added to the list.


# 9 University of Siena, Italy

Founded in 1240, Sienna University is located in the Tuscany region. It is a globally recognized institution ranked in the 800-1000 category of the top universities in Italy and the world.

Since it is a relatively small town, the student population of nearly 20,000 is almost half of the city's total population.


# 8. University of Naples Federico ll, Italy

The university, located in Naples, Italy, was founded by the order of Emperor Frederick II of 1224. Universities are currently ranked in the 481-490 range in the university's latest world rankings.

One of the university's most famous graduates is the theologian and philosopher Thomas Aquinas. Universities today are huge educational institutions. A population of about 100,000 students.


# 7. University of Padua, Italy

The University of Padua was founded in 1222, but there is some evidence that the university started much earlier.

Ranked 296 in the world, the university has a student population of approximately 60,000. The city is now famous as the setting for Shakespeare's play "The Taming of the Shrew."

The university also boasts 1545 of the world's oldest academic gardens, the University of Padua Botanical Gardens, founded in XNUMX. It is also famous in museums.


# 6. University of Cambridge, UK

The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 by disgruntled scholars who hated Oxford University's politics.

Currently, it is one of the five most famous names in universities around the world. The university, which ranks 20,000th in the world, has a student population of about 200,000. About half of its student population are international students from the European Language Union.


#5. University of Paris, France

Founded at the University of Paris, France 1160, widely known as'la Sorbonne', it became one of the first institutions of higher education throughout Europe.

Today, the original university is divided into 13 independent universities, all located in different parts of Paris.

All 13 universities are highly regarded around the world. Pierre Emary Curie University, University of Paris Sorbonne Cipar 1 Pantheon-University of Sorbonne ranked 131st, 293th, and 260th respectively.


#4. University of Salamanca, Spain

Founded in 1134, it is the oldest university. Spain and one of the oldest in Europe.

Located in the capital, Madrid, the university is famous as the place where the famous adventurer Christopher Columbus first supported his expedition to discover a new world in the West.

The university currently holds a global ranking in the range of 601-650 and has over XNUMX students running various programs on 30,000 campuses.


# 3. Oxford University, UK

Founded in 1096, Oxford University clearly stands out as the best school for the political and academic elite. The UK.

The list of alumni includes 27 British Prime Ministers, 47 Nobel laureates, and Sir Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest scientists.

Currently, the university is ranked 6th in the world and has a student population of about 24,000. Oxford University Press is renowned for being the largest university-owned printing press in the world.


# 2. University of Bologna, Italy

This is the second on the list of the top 10 most ranked universities in the world and the oldest universities in the world. The distinction is that the University of Bologna has been in continuous operation since it was founded in 1088.

Universities focused only on graduate doctoral programs until recently. Currently, there are various programs in all fields, and the student population is about 85,000.

Universities are ranked 188th in the latest World University Rankings.


# 1. Al Azhar University, Egypt

It is the oldest on the list of the 10 oldest universities in the world, which are ranked highest in the world. Although it gained college status in 1961, Al-Azhar was actually founded in 970 in Cairo, as a center of Islamic learning to teach students from primary to higher education in Egypt.

Schools have survived some political turmoil, but the worst was the destruction of more than 12 texts due to political overload in the 100,000th century.