Write For Reditory

As a content publishing platform, Reditory allows you to share your write-up, stories, and ideas with the world. If you're new to Reditory, you can learn here about features available in the editor and publish your first write-up. We can't wait to read it!

How can I make money writing on Reditory?
By Clicking here (You need to join Reditory first), you can earn as much as you want based on the number of content you provide to viewers and the content quality.

You earn ₦ 500.00 per content and ₦ 0.00 for posting a poll. You can write as much as you can, Reditory has no limit to what you can write.

The Minimum withdraw is ₦ 2,000.00

Payments are processed every day at midnight. Get paid as you write.

Write-up Approval
Write-up can be approved anytime during the day and mostly at midnight if it meets up with Reditory policy and requirement.

Write Up
1. You can write anything informative, educating, and unique, we have categories for all write-ups.
2. The minimum allowed words should be 1000 words or above per content.
3. You can only provide your own write-up which is not copy-pasted from the internet or someone's write-up.

Write For Us
1. You can start writing on Reditory by creating an account on the platform, and here is a simple guideline to help you through the platform.

Title: This is your write-up content title like "Why you should drink water 5 times a day."
Short Text: This is a short description of your write-up.
Image: The image that matches your content or a preview for your write-up, please note image pixel should be "1000x600 PX" only. (Very Important)
Content: This is your write-up about "Why you should drink water 5 times a day." as an example.
Details: This is a short description about your write up.
Tags: Tags can include some keywords used in your write-up. For example, my tags include Water and Drink, according to my title "Why you should drink water 5 times a day."
Category: We have a list of categories that might suit your write-up. You can pick the right category for your write-up.

1. We do not support copy-pasted content from online or someone else write-up from online.
2. Minimum allow words must be from 1000 words and above.
3. Always research and check the content grammatical error before submitting it for approval. You can use the grammy app on Playstore for grammatical error checking and corrections.

1. We have the full right to delay or disapprove of your article at any time without any justified reason.
2. We have the full right to disapprove of your article if we found that it's copy-pasted online write-up.
3. We have the full right to disapprove of your article if we found too many grammatical errors.
4. We have the full right to disapprove of your article if it's of low quality and not tabled well.
5. We will not pay for any disapproved content and this content will not be published on Reditory platform.

Take your time to verify your write-up, read through, and do your research before submitting your write-up for approval.

What happens when you publish your write-up?
1. Your write-up will be displayed on your public profile page, and will be available for anyone to read.
2. Your write-up will be displayed on the Reditory homepage. Additionally, it might also appear in email subscribers' digests, as a short preview and link to the story will be sent if the story is metered.
3. If your write-up is published, it will appear on the "Latest content" page. it might also appear on the feature pages.